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CLASS MATE Complete Hausa Novel Document by CLASS MATE


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Author: Zainuddeen Jibril ,

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CLASS MATE Complete Document Written By Zainuddeen Jibril



Praise be to God, the Lord of all creation, whose power transcends all understanding, governing the unseen and the evident. His dominion is beyond the grasp of humans and animals alike; He alone orchestrates all affairs without deviation.

Countless blessings and salutations are sent to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), revered and favored by the Lord, whose obedience is obligatory for all those who seek sanctuary on the Day of Judgment.

I extend my gratitude to my mother, may God grant her the highest place in paradise, increase her honor, forgive her sins, and enshroud her in His mercy and grace. I hold great reverence for women.

My beloved, I send my regards, hoping that you are reading this with the same warmth that I am writing it with. May God keep us united; I hold you dear to my heart.


This brief fictional piece serves as a reflection on the turmoil present in certain communities, where interactions between men and women, as well as with other individuals, are often misconstrued despite the innocuous nature of the relationship, such as that of classmates.

It narrates the tale of Sumayya and her husband Ahidu, who once shared a peaceful and harmonious marriage until the interference of a certain "classmate," whose callous actions shattered their happiness. The individual in question even masqueraded as an educated ally.

I reiterate that this story is a work of fiction, with all names and locations being products of my imagination. Should any resemblance to actual persons or places be found, it is purely coincidental and incidental to the storyline.

I have titled this short story "Classmate," beseeching God's blessings upon us, and may our writings serve as a source of enlightenment and a means of securing our place on the Day of Judgment.


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