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DR ZAYYAD Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by DR ZAYYAD Book 1


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DR ZAYYAD Complete Document Written By Unknown Writer


Certainly, please find below the rewritten version of the text:

Pilgrim's residence is a grand family estate, embodying the essence of a home filled with warmth and love.

My name is Alhaji Babangida Wapa, from the renowned Wanda lineage, son of the late God-fearing business tycoon, Alhaji Bashir Bature. He was not only known for his successful business ventures but also for his affluent lifestyle.

His beloved wife, Hajiya Hajiya, is known for her gentle and compassionate nature, fostering bonds of friendship and kindness wherever she goes.

Together, they nurtured seven children, comprising four sons and three daughters. As a devout pilgrim, Alhaji Babangida provided his offspring with a solid Islamic education, ensuring a balance between religious teachings and modern knowledge.

Their family bond was forged with love and camaraderie. Ummaru is the eldest, followed by Safianu, then Aunt Halima, and subsequently, Yusuf, also known as Isuhu, followed by Shatu, Safiyanu, and the youngest, Ibrahim.

Only the divine truly comprehends the depth of their sibling bond. Alhaji Babangida invested in a large parcel of land, equally partitioned for each child to build their future homes. Before their marriages, each child was given their own space within this vast estate.

On the property stands a central meeting house, marked by a grand gate. Upon entering, a parking area is situated to the right, while a spacious garden graces the left. Each section boasts a capacious living room with three entrances. Inside, one can find a commodious bedroom, a bathroom, and a well-appointed kitchen.

Ummaru's father decided to enter into polygamy, taking Umma Hajara as his first wife, with five children. Zayyad, the eldest, followed by Munir, Aunty Zainab, Alamin, and the youngest, Yusuf.

Umma Zulaihat, his second wife, blessed him with two children, Ruqayya and Ahmed, before her untimely demise. They all enjoy good health, despite their indulgence in food and drink.

Safianu's father also embraced polygamy, with two wives and five children. His senior wife, Hajiya Safianu, bore him Amina, Fatima, and Aliyu, while his junior wife gave him Sultan and Hamida.

Baba Isuhu had one wife, with whom he shares four children: Muhammad Sani, fondly known as Mamman, followed by Khadija, Adatu, also called Ummy, and Maryam.

Iroro's wife, after five years of marriage, gave birth to two children, with one now wed to Al-Hussain.

Googo Halima resides in Kano, married but without children. She has found a place in Baba Isuhu's household, following her marriage to Googo Shatu's daughter. Shatu, on the other hand, lives in Danbatta, with her husband and five children. She serves as a senior officer and previously resided in Aunt Halima's home, until her marriage to Shams Shamsiyya Faisal and Noor.

My aunt settled in Abuja, where her husband, a bank employee, hails from the Boko tribe. They have two children, both now married.

Presently, my father's household represents a united front, with him as the patriarch, leading the family.

Father Isuhu had a fiery temperament, causing the family to tread lightly around him. Yet, they held a special fondness for him, given that he was the firstborn among them.

Zayyad, having received an extensive education, assumed the mantle of the family's leader. He emerged as a heroic figure, revered for his astuteness and wealth. Zayyad possessed a striking appearance, akin to that of a seasoned warrior, with a towering stature, robust physique, and a fair complexion. His handsome features mirrored those of an Arabian prince.

Despite his physical allure, he remained chaste, resisting the advances of many admirers. Dr. Zayyad refused to engage in any promiscuous behavior, even when tempted by his admirers. His family tried persuading him to marry, yet their discussions often culminated in frustration, given Zayyad's unwavering stance on matrimony. His family humorously referred to him as "The Pilgrim," a moniker that he acquired due to his steadfast determination to remain single.

Their struggle reached its climax when his father learned of his infamous exploits in the lively vicinity of Yola Hill. A man with a keen eye eagerly relayed the details to him one fateful day.


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