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BUSA A MUTU Book 5 Complete Hausa Novel Document by BUSA A MUTU Book 5


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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BUSA A MUTU Book 5 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani M Gini


WHEN Sarkii Jamal, also known as Nulkin binin, concluded his explanation, a solemn decision loomed. A warrior, marked by a horn's resounding blast, brought about death, eliminating another. In the meeting room, the royal attendees were visibly thrilled, exchanging excited glances that reflected the gravity of the situation etched on their faces.

For a brief moment, silence prevailed, and Sarkı Imras, breaking the hush, spoke, "O my brothers - Sarakai, you are aware of my exhaustive research among the idols to unravel a solution to our dilemma. The path I discovered proved arduous, and despite my efforts, it ended in failure. I propose a magical alternative: rivers of oil, an endless depth. My new suggestion is to assemble all experts to collaboratively tackle the issue. A collective effort, spanning seven days, combining strength and stealth in the investigation, is the key. I believe this will unveil a more viable solution for us."

Despite King Imsar's initial speech, a sense of jubilation filled more than half of the princes, while others grew more attentive, albeit with subdued enthusiasm. Notably, King Huraisu, who had remained silent until then, pondered with a bowed head.

Suddenly, the room erupted into a cacophony of arguments, with factions either satisfied or dissatisfied with King Imras's counsel. Amidst the turmoil, an unexpected visitor entered—the mysterious sorcerer. Resembling the people of Hindu country, his arrival brought astonishment, especially as a white light emanated from his body, captivating the witnesses.

As the sorcerer entered the meeting room, the surroundings transformed into a surreal green hue, making even a falling needle discernible. The atmosphere chilled as if affected by an otherworldly force, leaving everyone in awe. The kings, recognizing the uniqueness of the sorcerer, rose to show their respect, offering him a path through the midst.

The stranger, approaching King Huraisu's throne, declined the invitation, expressing gratitude but opting to stand aside. Addressing the assembly, he revealed himself as Boka Krishna bin Urad, a seer with unparalleled knowledge and a century-spanning connection with idols. He recounted his upbringing in the Harem Cave, vowing never to leave until this fateful day.

Boka Krishna delivered a grave message, emphasizing the imminent danger to the world's children and proposing Imran Ibn Húzeir, a Muslim hero, as the sole solution. Imran, described as a handsome and courageous young man, became the focal point of the impending resolution, as the room fell silent, awaiting Krishna's detailed explanation of this proposed savior's role.

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