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BAQAR MACE Complete Hausa Novel Document by BAQAR MACE


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BAQAR MACE Complete Document Written By Meera DMS


"Oh, man, Farouq, try to understand me, please! Why can't you open your eyes and see what I am trying to tell you??

Nifa, I'm not ridiculing her; I just want you to... "

Farouq interrupted him by putting his hand on his lips, signaling him to stop talking. 

"Farouq," he continued, "Ishaq will kill me if you don't support me. I don't care about this girl. Bye-bye, let me be."

"Ishaq," she said, "I'm looking for something serious, not just fooling around. You're a fool if you don't understand this about me. And what annoys me the most is how she behaves, acting like she's of a higher class, like some good girl."

Farouq turned around with a determined expression and said, "Being of a higher class is a good thing. Every woman who doesn't have dignity and self-respect is not worth my attention."

Ishaq patted Farouq's shoulder and said, "Farouq, my friend, look at yourself. Reflect and see who you truly are. If you don't know your worth, you'll end up with this kind of low-quality woman."

Farouq hit Ishaq's hand away and said, "No class is superior to others. The one who loves and respects me is the one I'll choose."

Ishaq explained, "It's not about haram or halal. Our Prophet said that a woman can express her love for a man she admires. Society might have twisted it, but it doesn't change the fact that some classy women genuinely care for you. Instead of ignoring them, why not give them a chance?"

Farouq replied, "What you say might be true, but in the end, a woman who openly expresses her love is showing desperation. That's not what I want."

Ishaq shrugged and said, "Suit yourself, but don't let your prejudice blind you from seeing the potential in Farida. She cares for you sincerely."

Farouq stood firm in his decision and said, "Ishaq, my dear friend, please leave my room!"

He escorted Ishaq out of the room and locked the door. As he lay on his bed, Farida's thoughts occupied his mind. He prayed to God, hoping that Farida's feelings for him would blossom as he started to appreciate her love for him.

In another setting, Farida and her mother, Umma, finished their meal. Farida returned to her room and tied her headscarf while Umma called her name affectionately.

"Farida," Umma said, "you need to calm down and stop pushing Farouq away. He's a good boy, and I see that he cares for you deeply."

Farida replied, "Umma, I won't treat him badly again. I'll try my best, Insha Allah."

Umma encouraged her, saying, "May God bless you. Remember to take a lot of baths to look and feel refreshed."

Farida laughed and went to her room, where she prepared herself in a beautiful dress. She applied light makeup, looking elegant but not overly extravagant. A subtle fragrance emanated from her, adding to her charm.

Umma was impressed by Farida's appearance and even tied her headscarf in approval. Farida felt beautiful, confident, and ready for Farouq's arrival.

As Farida waited in the parlor, her phone rang. She glanced at Umma, who told her to answer it if it's him. Excitedly, she picked up the call, and Farouq said he was at the door of the house.

Umma teased her playfully, saying, "A red class store is good there. Open the door and let him see your beautiful face."

Farida laughed and assured Umma, "Don't worry, I won't act distant again."

Umma passed by her room as Farida awaited Farouq's arrival, hoping that this time would be different.

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