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ALFARMA Complete Hausa Novel Document by ALFARMA


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ALFARMA Complete Document Written By Rashida S Director


A serene scene unfolded under the shade of a tree, where people, mostly elderly, sat in quiet contemplation. The signs of the wind rustling through the tree leaves added a rhythmic melody to the atmosphere. As I walked in the proximity of this idyllic setting, some referred to my journey as a conflict, a path I knowingly tread.

In response to my journey, those present responded with silence, expressing a sentiment I interpreted as an acknowledgment or perhaps an apology. A little girl, a blessing to our upbringing, invoked prayers for her well-being and the prosperity of our descendants.

Continuing my journey, I reached the door of our house when a familiar call, "RUMAINA!" startled me. It was the voice of a boy from our neighborhood, someone I knew for no particular reason. He remarked on the changing nature of my personality, alluding to my apparent beauty.

Reflecting on a day when I emerged from an Islamic event, he had complimented me, describing me as beautiful and akin to a fairy. I laughed off the remark, dismissing it as a fleeting moment.

Entering the house, I greeted my mother, who informed me that Rumaina was present. I settled beside my mother, removing my hijab. While assisting the servant in the kitchen, I remembered my father and his potential forgetfulness due to his slow breathing. I contemplated writing a reminder to him.

After preparing food, changing into home clothes, and attending to my school bag, I sat down to study. This year, I attended a private school, focusing on honing my abilities.

As my father bid farewell, I expressed gratitude, and he offered his blessings. Returning to my room, my mother shared that Rumaina had informed her about the delay in collecting money owed by her daughter. Understanding the financial constraints, my mother encouraged patience, expressing faith in divine intervention.

While contemplating their conversation, I felt a pang of pain in my heart. Witnessing my parents facing challenges, I wished I could be a man and contribute to my father's struggles. Nevertheless, being a woman did not diminish my determination to pray for them.

As I left the room, a boy bid farewell to his mother, prompting responses from others. Their words echoed in the air, emphasizing the interconnectedness of lives in our community.

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