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AKWAI BAMBANCI Complete Hausa Novel Document by AKWAI BAMBANCI


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Author: Aisha Abubakar ,

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AKWAI BANBANCI Complete Document Written By Aisha Abubakar



"Honorable Judge, I request the court to pose a question to Adam," the lawyer declared.

The judge nodded, granting permission. "The court allows it," he said.

The lawyer composed herself and directed her attention to the accused, who met her gaze with a look that seemed to pierce through to his soul.

Staring into his reddened eyes, she began, "Mr. Adam, I implore you, tell the court the truth. Was Alh Mahd's life threatened?"

A wave of grief seemed to ripple through Adam's heart. Despite the sorrow evident in his eyes, he remained silent, offering no defense.

"Mr. Adam, I am simply seeking an answer to my son's question," she continued.

She then recounted the events, stating, "I received a text message at around 2 o'clock in the morning, claiming that my sister-in-law's life was in danger and that I needed to come immediately to prevent her death. While I was in Abuja, people were searching for me."

"I didn't inform my wife as she was asleep, and I lacked sufficient funds. Therefore, that night, I arose and set out for Abuja to answer the distress call," she explained.

She went on, "Upon reaching the door of the house, I noticed a different route. I proceeded to Alh Nanufah's room and then to Ankasheshe's..."

A blank look from Adam prompted her to disclose, "There is an alternative entrance to the house that diverges from the common route. This is the path these arsonists took when they texted you about killing Alh."

Adam remained silent, potentially realizing that *MUBINAT* was on the verge of revealing a secret she knew. She seemed determined to expose the truth, leaving Adam at a loss for words.

The judge urged, "Speak up, sir. Your silence suggests you may not be telling the truth."

In a subdued voice, Adam explained, "My colleagues are upset with me for leaving their group. They orchestrated this to get back at me. I was trapped in my room."

*MUBINAT* smiled knowingly, stating, "We understand this is a deliberate act, and he is attempting to shift blame by involving others. Besides, the family in the house owes him a debt."

Sada, a witness, appeared too feeble to speak. *MUBINAT* continued, determined to expose the truth.

"I request the court to take note: this man is dishonest. He is a hypocrite. He murdered my parents," she asserted tearfully.

"I urge the court to swiftly deliver justice according to his crimes. I want action taken against him to safeguard the community from individuals like him," she concluded, her plea resonating in the courtroom.

The judge, taking notes, addressed the barrister, "Proceed."

The barrister confirmed, "Yes, Mai Sharia."

After hesitating, the judge pronounced, "The court adjourns this case until 25/10/2015. Prior to the next hearing, the court requires substantial evidence to be presented. The accused will remain in custody until the next session."

As the judge struck the gavel, a commotion erupted in the courtroom, marking the end of this intense session.

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