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AISHA HUMAIRA Complete Hausa Novel Document by AISHA HUMAIRA


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AISHA HUMAIRA Complete Document Written By Khairat Up


*Aisha Humaira*

"Aisha Humaira! Where are you, girl? You need to come out or come in!" Her voice echoed, seemingly tethered to the wall with a thin strip of urgency.

"You claim to be more restrictive than a guardian, by the grace of God," she retorted, flinging a spoon in frustration.

A playful dodge, a smile, and she grabbed a bucket, making her way to her father's side, singing a tune. Her father, performing ablution in the courtyard, shouted, "Aisha Humaira, when will you come home without causing a ruckus?"

"I'm sorry, I repent," she replied.

"You're always like this; repentance is a constant for you," her father scolded.

She entered the house, and Inono, about to pray, commented on her shyness. "Inono, where are you today?" she inquired with a necessary nod.

"Inono, where is Fatima bintu?" She pointed to the bucket in the living room, and upon entering the room, found Fatima's clothes scattered on her while she slept.

A startled scream from Fatima, laughter from Aisha Humaira, and a playful scuffle ensued. Fadima Bintu retaliated by biting Aisha's ear, and they tumbled to the ground. Inono rushed in with a carbine, scolding them for their antics.

"Leave the house now," Inono demanded, and they all rushed outside. Aiko and Yusuf observed, the latter expressing frustration at their playful antics.

Narai, witnessing the scene, stood frozen as Aisha Humaira and Fatima Bintu continued their lively exchange. The unexpected chaos left him speechless, his attempt at reprimanding them lost in the lively personalities before him.

"I'm going to fetch water, but I'm sorry!" Maria declared, and Aisha Humaira quickly enlisted Joseph to help.

As they went about their errand, Tom and Joseph, mimicking surrender, raised their hands in jest. Aisha Humaira, unfazed, continued with her mischievous antics.

In the afternoon, Inono relented and let them go. They ventured out to the threshing floor, where Mardiya, her brother's wife, was tending to the wheat field. Hamma Idrisa expressed his desire for the wheat field.

"Let's say we find ourselves in quite a situation today," they remarked.

Hamma Yusuf joined them, chastising their playful behavior. "You may have your fun, but there comes a time to grow up. I'll make sure of it."

They exchanged glances, a mixture of mischief and defiance, as they continued their escapades.

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