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ABU CIKIN DUHU Complete Hausa Novel Document by ABU CIKIN DUHU


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She descended the steps of the Nigeria Airways plane, flanked by two young men. Her face was concealed behind sunglasses, but her presence commanded attention. She wore a long dress adorned with a bow, and her scarf covered her head. Her handbag, though not large, was elegantly suitable.

Hajiya Iyami was the wife of the former American Ambassador who served Nigeria from 1986 to 1993. As she slowly descended the steps, her gaze shifted towards the familiar sights of her homeland. Despite her prolonged absence, she couldn't help but notice the changes, or lack thereof, in her country.

Amidst her reflections, her determination to return to her homeland remained unshaken. The challenges facing Nigeria didn't deter her; rather, she longed to reunite with her family. Easy Hajjajo, one of the young men accompanying her, inquired about her well-being, concerned about her seemingly mixed emotions upon returning.

Hajiya Iyami had spent years away from home, supporting her husband's career while also working for a company in Kararu. This period had distanced her from her family. Now, she felt the urge to return to her loved ones, particularly her children and grandchildren, who needed proper guidance in a world dominated by conflicting cultures.

In her eyes, the Bahá'í Faith, of which she was a devout follower, offered a unique perspective on education and culture. She saw it as a means to transcend the limitations imposed by traditional education and religion. Hajiya Iyami saw herself as the head of the household, and she had meticulously planned every aspect of their return to Nigeria.

Her family initially resisted the idea of returning home, but she made it clear that she would not entertain any pleas or negotiations. She believed that everything needed to be in order upon their return, from house repairs to company matters. Hajiya Iyami had taken care of every detail to ensure a smooth transition.

Upon their return to Nigeria, she found herself in a position of authority within the family. Her influence extended from her sons to their wives. Her son's refusal to continue working for his previous employer only confirmed her belief that he should work for a modern manufacturing company instead.

They were greeted with a row of cars at the airport, all of which belonged to them and were registered in the names of family members. Despite the initial excitement and attention, Hajiya Iyami remained composed, her thoughts often turning to her late husband, Alhaji Ma, the former ambassador.

Her husband's passing had left a void, and she prayed for his soul to find peace. Although nearly a decade had passed since his departure, their family continued to live as they had during his lifetime, with the support of God and their own resourcefulness.

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