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SHU'UMIN NAMIJI Complete Hausa Novel Document by SHU'UMIN NAMIJI


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Author: Fatima Sardauna ,

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A sleek black RANGE ROVER sped down the main road in *ABUJA*...

The car came to a halt in front of a gate, and after a brief pause, it emitted a deafening noise. The way it was parked hinted at the driver's assertive demeanor and a certain sense of self-indulgence. The driver remained inside, shrouded in mystery, refusing to exit.

Fifteen minutes passed before the driver finally emerged from the vehicle. He gingerly removed his foot, clad in an expensive black sneaker adorned with white accents, from the car. As he gradually stepped out, I couldn't help but exclaim, "Masha Allah!" He was undeniably striking—an embodiment of youthful charm coupled with evident affluence. His fair complexion contrasted with the black ensemble, save for the pristine white shirt and a tuft of hair. He appeared immaculately groomed, tall and slender, with a physique that hinted at regular gym visits. His facial features were captivating—prominent brown eyes, a well-defined, elongated nose, and a small mouth with subtly pink lips. His expressive eyebrows framed his eyes generously. Dressed in a snug-fitting pair of black pencil jeans and a white T-shirt, he walked with confidence, exuding an air of sheer handsomeness. He carried himself with grace, his hand casually holding the car keys as he made his way towards a compound building, presumably the main residence's foyer.

In the living room of the house, a woman of mixed race, who couldn't have been more than 47 years old, sat regally on a plush chair. She was adorned in a resplendent lace outfit that exuded opulence. Her immaculate appearance concealed her age, and the opulent gold necklace adorning her neck and matching earrings were testament to her immense wealth. As she fiddled with her car keys, she commanded attention.

"Hello, Mom," the young man greeted her in his distinctive voice.

A warm smile designed by the term 'Mom' graced her lips as she responded, "Welcome, my son."

He offered no verbal reply but took a seat beside her, gently beginning to remove his shoes.

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