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ABOKIN MIJINA Complete Hausa Novel Document by ABOKIN MIJINA


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Author: Momyn Sadiq ,

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ABOKIN MIJINA Complete Document Written By Momyn Sadeeq


"You're a horse, just like the one whose wife was brought to you today."

"My friend, you don't understand. I swear, since I married Husna, I never doubted you. Do you think I would violate her rights?" He finished speaking with a worried expression.

Yusuf was filled with joy and said, "Well, you need to apologize because she's scared. If you don't alleviate that fear, I swear, you'll hurt her."

Facing Farooq, he slumped and asked, "So, my friend, what's the solution?"

"Well, there's only one way out. Be patient until the day Husna opens up and tells you to approach her."

Farooq rolled his eyes and said, "By God, Husna won't be able to say that I've been close to her, even though we've been together for a year. But I just took away her pity and did what she despised. By God, it bothers me, at least, what the doctor said to us."

Yusuf looked at Farooq and asked, "Are you contemplating harming someone?"

"No, Yusuf, I'm coming to you now to seek advice. You've been with women for a long time, and you're my friend. Please, help us."

Yusuf smiled mischievously and said, "Well, the only advice is that Kajira will be here in a week. If you have no issues with my needs, then do as you please."

"Hmm, God help you this week, but by God, I'm in a tight spot."

They exchanged words and decided to wait for a week.

Yusuf accompanied them home, and as they entered, a strange smell greeted their noses.

Seated on one of the parlor chairs was a woman clad in Swiss lace, appearing regal.

It was Farooq who greeted Yusuf first.

She responded warmly, rising to say hello to them.

Yusuf found himself once again taken aback by Husna's unexpected transformation.

Farooq joked, "You have to swear you won't look, but you can't help yourself."

Yusuf gazed at her and said, "By God, my friend, it seems that today has changed us."

"Hello and welcome," Husna greeted.

Yusuf quickly responded, "Hello, bride, how are you?"

Smiling, she asked, "Are you okay, Yusuf, Auntie Hafsat?"

"She's fine, God willing. I brought you today because you're starting to get bored."

"Oh God, I feel good. By God, Yusuf, God bless you."

Farooq sat, captivated by his bride, every glance at her stirring something within him.

She turned and said, "Welcome, Farooq."

"Hello, mother of my house, mother of my children. How are you? I've missed you."

She replied, "Alhamdulillah. What's new?"

"Thank God, my angel."

Farooq's words started to irritate Yusuf, prompting him to interject, "My friend, I'm hungry, so I'm heading home."

Farooq smiled and suggested, "Then let's go to the dining room for food."

After finishing their meal, they returned to the parlor. Yusuf said to Farooq, "My friend, I'm leaving, but for God's sake, don't get close to this girl. She's still scared, even if she doesn't show it."

"Yes, that's what I noticed too. But I have to do what's in my life."

Yusuf gave him a stern look and said, "Well, if you're calling me, I'll be with you. Let me pass."

Farooq got up, called her, and they escorted Yusuf to the car before returning home.

He didn't linger anywhere but his house. Today, he bathed, put on cologne, and fragranced his house until the earlier irritation faded from his mind.

He bid farewell and entered, finding her lying on the three-seater.

She greeted him and allowed him in, saying, "Hello, my dear. I'm glad to see you here."

Teasingly, she added, "Come on now, I'm hungry."

He looked at her and remarked, "If I were your servant, I'd cook for you while you eat. But, by God, I won't cook today, and you might go to bed hungry."

She straightened up, sat down, and said, "Oh, Yusuf, I can't even stand up. Even if I manage to get up, I won't be able to eat sitting down."

"Well, God forbid you can't sit, and I won't cook," he concluded, making his way upstairs to his room.

She called after him, "Oh, if you won't cook, I can get something from the store."

He also asked Isyaku, the washerman, to buy some food items, mentioning that she had yogurt in the fridge.

As for Farooq, his mind was completely occupied as he beheld Husna today...

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