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ABDULAZEEZ SADAUKI Complete Document Written By Ummu Khaleel


**In the name of God, the Merciful, the Master of the Egg.**

A boy of approximately twelve years dashed into the house, calling, "Umma, Umma, today I have a lot to share about my day." Umma, who sat beside the stove, stoking the fire, and the elderly father turned to look at him. She said, "Alhamdulillah, I was just thinking about you. Are you on your way home?"

Abdul Azeez replied, "Yes, Umma. Today the market was bustling with people, the stalls selling animals were full. Let me grab two bags and head back."

"When you paused before, I wanted to offer you some food. Did you eat anything since morning?"

"No, Umma. With the market buzzing, and you having a day, I thought it's better to return now before it gets too late."

"May God bless you, *Sadauki*."

He turned, looked at Umma, and said, "Umma, I'm happy with the name you call me."

"Return safely."

Every Wednesday, the market in this Bauchi town village was called *DAƁE*. It was a marketplace where various animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, and more were bought and sold.

Abdul Azeez (Sadauki) attended a private school and visited his mother's house due to certain reasons that would be explained later. Today, after selling water at the four corners, he made five rounds even before reaching the market's end, selling out all the water. He happily entered the market, inquiring about the price of grapes.

"Twenty Naira each, how many do you want?" asked the grape seller.

"I want five pieces for the egg-laying hen."

He counted out five pieces and handed over a hundred Naira. In the evening, Abdul Azeez returned home to find his mother fetching water from the well. He put down the water-filled container meant for selling and said, "Umma, I'll handle this; go sit and rest."

Larai, overhearing, remarked, "You're going to attract suitors with this kind of help. You might end up in an advertisement."

He was about to respond when a subtle signal from the people made him reconsider. He accepted the water container and continued pouring for her.

Around eight o'clock that night, after leaving the mosque, Abdul Azeez went to the communal room. Saida greeted him, and as he entered, they exchanged greetings, touching each other lightly as she prayed.

"Yes, Umma, where is my food?"

She gestured toward its location, and he went to collect it near a small chair in the courtyard. Dakkowa joined him, offering meat, saying, "Umma, I'm here to assist you in the kitchen."

She smiled, accepted the meat, and said, "May God bless you. May your good deeds continue. Ameen, my Ummah. Baffa hasn't returned today; I hope he's safe?"

"Insha Allah, he was on his way to the market, and he hasn't come back early."

In the middle of the house, Larai and Inna Wuro were seen talking. Inna Wuro said in her Fulani language, "Hande enboni (I joined the three), a man should be proud of his white girl. She will speak to him like a younger sister. May God bless you."

Larai replied, "Come on, don't shame yourself. I know Baffa saw primary school before getting married; he's shameless."

Upon the father's arrival, Larai and Inna exchanged glances and burst into laughter. Larai said, "It's hard to worry about our husbands and children."

Inna Wuro added, "If we follow the rules, we'll discover what's wrong with our families. May anyone who brings harm to a man or woman be cursed."

The father didn't respond, heading to his wife's room. Umma spotted him and tried to get up to bring him food and water. However, he went ahead, brought food and soup to her, and kept it.

Umma inquired, "Is everything well, my husband? Did you have a successful day at the market?"

Saida, taking a bite of food, swallowed and looked at her, saying, "The market wasn't favorable today. I sold only one cow, and all the other animals didn't fetch much."

"May God bless whatever was sold."

"Ameen," he replied, shaking his head sympathetically. She was eleven months pregnant and still hadn't given birth.

Today being Thursday, Sadaki would be going to school in the afternoon. In the morning, he offered prayers where their cows were kept. With a torch, he illuminated the area, pouring food into large containers for the animals. The food bowls quickly emptied as the animals eagerly consumed their share.

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