2024/2025 USA VISA Application & Scholarship For International Students

The majority of students want to study abroad, but the exorbitant expense makes it unaffordable. But in the US, a top-notch university education ensures excellent career prospects and future opportunities. The nation currently provides a wide range of funding-level scholarships for overseas students. Learn more about US colleges and universities that provide attractive scholarships to foreign students.

The educational system in the United States is always evolving. In the US, there isn’t a single national education system. Since every state in the union has its own educational system and attributes, decentralization is the primary feature of education in this nation. India, Mexico, Canada, and Brazil send the most international students to the United States for higher education.

How To Get An All Expense Paid Scholarship In The USA For International Students

Foreign Fulbright Student Program: International students who wish to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree in the United States can apply for full funding through the Fulbright Program. Scholarships may also be granted for postgraduate work toward non-degree programs. The award includes a living allowance, health insurance, textbooks, flights, and tuition.

Humphrey Fellowship Program: Experienced professionals from specific nations can spend a year in the United States engaging in professional development under the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program. Fellows are chosen on the basis of their capacity for leadership and dedication to serving the public interest in the public or private spheres. The fellowships are complete grants that pay for all associated costs.

Below are some USA Colleges and Universities that offer Scholarships for International Students;

AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Program: Scholarships from Amercan University are given to deserving overseas students who want to study for a bachelor’s degree and who are committed to bringing about constructive changes in society and politics. It is meant for students who plan to return home to better underserved and underresourced communities in their own nation. The whole tuition, lodging and board, and other billable AU expenditures for ONE international student who requires a visa (ideally an F-1 or J-1 student visa) in order to study in the United States are covered by the AU EGL scholarship.

Amherst College Scholarships: International students in need of financial aid can currently apply for assistance from Amherst College through a need-based program. After admission, the amount of money you require is assessed After then, you will be awarded a financial aid award that matches your need. Because the award may consist of both gift aid (scholarships and grants) and self-help (employment), it is frequently referred to as a “aid package”.

Berea College Scholarships: Financial help and scholarships are awarded to all accepted overseas students, covering the whole cost of tuition, lodging, board, and fees for the first year of study. International students are expected to save up $51,000 (US) in subsequent years to help with their living expenses. International students are given summer jobs by the College to help them fulfill this requirement.

Wien International Scholarship Program (WISP) at Brandeis University: Established in 1958, Brandeis University’s Wien International Scholarship Program (WISP) provides opportunities for students from throughout the globe to complete undergraduate studies and develop into engaged global citizens. Each recipient’s complete documented financial need is satisfied by this scholarship.

Clark University Scholarships: The Clark Presidential Scholarships are a prominent prize given by Clark University to students who rank at the top of the university’s applicant pool due to their academic standing and potential for leadership. Approximately five students receive the grants each year. Regardless of a family’s financial situation, it pays for all four years of on-campus accommodation and board as well as tuition in full.