ZYNAH Complete Document Written By Maman Usman


She knocked on the door with composure, the sound echoing in the quiet corridor. After a moment, she heard movement inside, followed by the creaking of the door as it swung open. There stood Zynah, a tray of food in her hands, having brought lunch for him.

Somberly, he remarked, “Come in, instead of lingering there like a stranger.”

She complied, stepping into the room and unlocking the door with her key. He approached, taking her hand and drawing her closer to him, locking eyes as he inquired, “They still haven’t returned?”

She replied in the affirmative, her voice trailing off. Satisfied, he pulled her into an embrace. Zynah, observing the scene, remained silent, contemplating the complex situation that Bakura seemed intent on involving her in.

Unperturbed by her reticence, Bakura proceeded to undress her, engaging in the familiar routine they shared whenever they were alone together. Noting her silence, he continued without her participation, imploring, “Oh, Zynah, please cooperate. If this is new to you, you must adapt.”

Engulfed in a certain mood, Bakura removed her undergarments and his own clothing, initiating a fervent exchange of kisses. As their passion intensified, they moved towards the bed, with Bakura lavishing Zynah with affectionate gestures. Amidst fervent caresses and fervid kisses, they found release, followed by a hurried scramble as they sought to avoid the possibility of being discovered.

Bakura swiftly donned a towel, urging Zynah to do the same before taking a bath. After her brief moment of paralysis, she proceeded to bathe, wiping the water from her body before dressing herself. Overcome with tremors, they paused, wary of any unforeseen interruptions.


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