ZUCIYARMU DAYA Complete Document Written By Mamuhgee


She sat on the worn-out bed where her father had been bedridden for the past two years. Tears streamed down her face, reflecting the pain and hardships they endured. At just seventeen, she should have been enjoying her youth, but instead, she was taking care of her sick father and trying to make ends meet.

The room they were in was devoid of any comfort or luxury. It contained only an old mattress on which her father lay for days on end. The entire house was in a state of disrepair, with crumbling walls and broken rooms, indicating the desperate conditions they lived in.

Wiping her tears with her tattered sleeves, she mustered the strength to get up and leave the room slowly. She prayed fervently that her missing brother would return before her father’s health deteriorated further.

In a trembling voice, she whispered, “Father, I speak of you and pray for you, Lokoja, as you are not here, and your health is not improving. Father, I wish to hold you in my arms before I depart from this world. Nobody knows our struggles, and if I leave, you will be alone, facing hatred and hardship.”

Her cries filled the room, and her father’s eyes were also brimming with tears. They were each other’s only support in a world that seemed to turn its back on them.

After a while, she mustered the courage to step out of their house and went to her aunt’s room to borrow the remaining ten cups of tea. She intended to sell it to repay a debt they owed to a creditor. She washed the cup and placed a chair at the room’s entrance to sit and wait, clutching a rag in her hands.


Ibrahim Buba, her father’s full name, was an orphan since childhood. His father had passed away, leaving him in the care of his mother, Aunt Mero. Despite being an orphan, Ibrahim was fortunate as his mother worked diligently and used all her earnings to provide for him. Aunt Mero dedicated herself to her son, as he was her only family.

At school, Ibrahim became friends with Abdulhameed, a fellow villager. However, their friendship soon drifted apart due to their shared habit of talking too much and not listening. Abdulhameed was also an only child, as his mother had passed away long ago, and his father had abandoned him, engulfed in worldly desires.

The abundant love and care showered upon them by their parents did not contribute to any improvement in their village. Both of them were in the second grade of secondary school when tragedy struck. Abdulhameed’s father was poisoned to death, presumably to clear the way for someone else to take his position in the city government.

Fearing for his life, Abdulhameed gathered his father’s wealth and fled in the dead of night. He confided in Ibrahim, and they both set off for a new village. By God’s grace, they were accepted in the new community, and with their newfound wealth, they bought a small two-room house.

Aunt Mero embraced both boys and cared for them as if they were her own. They had grown up together, and even in their adulthood, Aunt Mero continued to wash their clothes.

Life took a turn for the worse, and they faced hardships and deprivation, struggling to put food on the table.

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