Abdullahi stood up and retreated without hesitation. His face displayed neither fear nor doubt. He touched the wall for support and raised an eyebrow, then waved his hand dismissively, chuckling.

“Are you going to hit me?” He asked, a wry smile playing on his lips. She just stared at him, her consciousness hazy, struggling to speak with a slurred voice. “It’s a shame you’re not enough… no… I swear you’ve tarnished my life… If I marry you, what will I do with you? I don’t love you… I swear, today you will release me from this house, or else we will end up killing you and me.”

They stood like that for more than five minutes, exchanging words that her muddled mind had conjured up. She tried to shake him off, but he held her firmly. She eventually stopped, and he chuckled again, as if he had never intended to let her go.

He grasped her hair tightly, causing her to cry out in pain. He raised her head to stifle her screams. Her futile attempts to insult him were silenced as he covered her mouth with his hand. He made it clear that he was in control, releasing her hair and gripping her even tighter. 

As her voice was muffled, she realized her efforts were in vain. She had to accept that she was at their mercy, at the mercy of these men. They struggled to catch their breath, grappling with the overwhelming tension in the room. Abdullahi finally managed to suppress the love he felt for her, pushing it aside in the face of adversity. He left it to one side, hoping that it would alleviate the pressure on his heart. The passion that had previously constricted his breath was now gone, and he had never heard of such torment. The difference between her and him was that she had surrendered herself, while he had mastered everything. Her brain was no match for his cunning. He had lowered the price of her misfortune, filling her heart with a strange mix of relief, pain, and the hatred she held in her throat. And then, he had injured her both physically and emotionally, leaving her with a heart full of sorrow. Meanwhile, her brain was occupied with a different task.

Abdullahi had to understand this. He released her and held her close to his body. She let out a soft, sobbing cry, tears of love mingling with her pain. He stood up, and she called out with a confused voice, her name trembling on her lips. She began to shake her head, but he didn’t wait for her to speak. He reached out to wipe away her tears with his thumb.

“Fatima, don’t make it difficult for us. We cannot be separated. I didn’t let you go when I laid eyes on you. How do you think I could release you after experiencing your love, Fatima? I’ve never tasted a love as sweet as yours. I never thought I could be so consumed by it. You’re not just a woman; you are my wife in slavery. Our marriage will bring us two blessings: a sweet life and a heavenly reward. Why do you resist finding yourself in a paradise that extends beyond this house? Don’t you want to try your luck, Fatima? Why do you stop yourself, my love? Have you forbidden a relationship with God?”

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