ZAINABU ABU MAI TAGWAYEN SUNA Complete Document Written By Mom Islam



After bidding farewell to her family, she headed to Hajiya’s house, hoping to visit Aliyu Tartar in Palo. Finding a chair, she hurriedly went to Oyoyo brother’s room to see if he was there.

In the kitchen, she asked the cook to prepare some “black tea” and gathered the spices to mix in the oil. Then, she ventured out to the roadside to catch a vehicle.

Upon arriving at their house, she parked and entered, exchanging goodbyes with her father. In her bedroom, she prepared water and undressed, taking a refreshing bath before wrapping herself in a towel and sitting in front of the dressing mirror.

She applied a simple makeup, choosing a long pink dress with black stones and accessorizing with a pink hijab. Eager to share the news about Aliyu’s arrival, she went to Umma’s room and found her on the phone with her father. Waiting outside, she overheard Umma calling her name and quickly responded. Umma happily informed her about Aliyu’s visit, and they both went to the kitchen to prepare some dishes.

Umma handed her a basket of meat, and she skillfully mixed the spices, showcasing her culinary abilities. After finishing their meal, Umma offered her some frozen potatoes, knowing she preferred something lighter.

Soon, they heard the sound of Aliyu’s car pulling into the parking space, and he rushed into the house. They greeted each other warmly, with Hajiya inquiring about Fatima.

*Beginning of the Story*

Hajiya had been living in Zaria with her husband, Alhj Aliyu, and their children for the past five years. They had two children: Alhj Ibrahim, who married Salma, and Hawa, who married Nasir. The family was content and happy in their home, spreading love and kindness to those around them. Despite their financial success, they remained humble, caring for the less fortunate and ensuring everyone felt safe and valued.

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