YA ZANYI DA AUREN ADNAN Complete Document Written By Ummu Sabreenah, Anty Aisha and Jameela


She ran through the dark forest in the middle of the night, her heart pounding with fear. Suddenly, she stumbled upon a large rock, falling to the ground with a painful moan. Looking around, she didn’t see anyone following her, but her fear lingered. As tears welled up in her eyes, she noticed a snake in front of her, ready to strike. In panic, she let out a scream, waking up from the nightmare. She sought solace in reciting prayers, seeking comfort from her Lord, before going back to sleep.

The next morning, it was already late when her father wondered why Aisha was still resting. He shared a smile with her mother as they had breakfast together. Later in the afternoon, her mother went to wake her up, finding Aisha still sleeping soundly. After some playful teasing, Aisha got up, feeling tired from school. She prepared for the day, took ablution, and spent a moment with her mother in the living room.

Her father, Alhaji Muhammed, was a successful businessman residing in Kaduna, u/sanusi. He had one wife, Hajiya Hassana, and they were blessed with three daughters. Hannatu, the eldest, had four children and lived in the Dosa neighborhood in Kaduna. Maryam, with two children, lived in Zaria. As for Aisha, she was currently studying in Zaria and returned to her mother’s place in Kaduna for the weekend.

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