YAYANA MIJINA Complete Document Written By Hajara Mami natty girl



“Sarah, maintain your dignity, my daughter. We’re not forcing you to go to school; you can pursue your own interests. However, we do want you to focus on your studies before your brother returns. I understand that it may be painful for you to see a married woman marrying someone else. Alongside dealing with the nonsense from those following the professor, remember to uphold your honor as both a daughter and a married woman. Are you feeling motivated?”

“I understand, Father. But Father, what kind of husband is this? I’ve never seen him, he’s never seen me, all I know is he’s smiling.”

“That’s all you need to know, Sarah. Your husband is your brother. May Allah bless you. Amen, Father. Thank you. You’ll be passing Kaduna soon, so go to bed early and get some rest to wake up early.”

As she moved from one room to the stairs, she noticed her mother in another room, holding a newspaper. “Mom, well done. Have you finished talking to Father? If you were a slave, you wouldn’t find happiness with them, but you must remain dutiful. God has a plan for you.”

“Mom, why did you say that?”

“Sarah, let me tell you about our family today.”

Many mysterious years ago…

By Hajara Mami, the natty girl ????

Twenty years ago, in the reality of our family, the concept of family unity was deeply ingrained, passed down through generations. My wife and our father were together for a year, but pregnancy remained elusive. Ummah held unfounded animosity towards her, and this began to take a toll on my father’s life. The community turned a blind eye, leaving us to bear the weight of her pregnancy until she finally gave birth. On that day, tears and joy mingled as they named her LUBABATU, but unfortunately, the community was overshadowed by illness and the pilgrimage.

Umma, on the day I was born, they called out Zainab’s name repeatedly. My father’s happiness and gratitude knew no bounds. We grew up, attending school, but my mother’s demeanor was consistently marked by sadness and anger. This persisted until destiny united my mother and father, along with all the siblings.

However, Lubabatu desired a companion despite familial objections. She remained steadfast in her choice. With time, she grew closer to us, eventually leading to her marriage.

In the eyes of God, I went without children for five years. Meanwhile, the pilgrim’s body was blessed with childbirth. This is the way life unfolded.

It took seven more years until I finally gave birth. Worries filled our visits to the hospital, but eventually, I became pregnant and was informed it was a two-month pregnancy. Her two brothers, Ittama and Ashrin, faced their own unique journeys. Our family, God bless them.

The day of your birth arrived, and I was taken to the hospital where you were born. Your name was chosen in honor of my mother, Aisha, which is why we call you Sarah. You were raised with care. Eventually, the decision was made to marry you to Ashrin. It was a difficult decision, but it’s time to embrace it, insha’Allah.

With a calm heart, she retired to her room.

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