YARON GIDANA Complete Document Written By Oum Aphnan



She lay upon an ornate bed, modeled after those of ancient times. The bed, a pristine white, was adorned with royal pink curtains. The room’s ambiance was punctuated by the sound of the AC’s rapid hum and the mingling of cold air and fragrant perfume, creating an alluring aroma.

Her slumber was unhurried, cocooned in a soft, white Arabian bedsheet, her face nestled in the pillow.

Kirrrrr! Her phone broke the silence, demanding attention. With a glint in her eyes, she reached for the phone, not bothering to glance at the screen as she answered the call and placed it to her ear.

“Happy birthday to you…” The sound refreshed her senses, and she sat up, leaning against the bed’s headrest, listening to her mother’s rendition of the birthday song. Her face radiated joy.

“Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to youuuuu… How old are you now?” The singing paused, leaving a moment of quiet.

In a stern tone, quite different from the gentle melody, her mother asked, “How old are you now?”

A smile touched her lips as she answered playfully, “Mommy, thirty-five ????.”

“Thirty-five, right?”
“Yes, mom,” she responded reluctantly.

“You should be embarrassed to talk about it, Jibeki, a giant at… at thirty-five, but not MARRIED! No HUSBAND! You lack stability, yet you remain seated, waiting for someone to lift you…”

“Auushhh, mom, please, mommy, stop. It’s too early to be subjected to your dreaded announcement. Mommy, pleaseeeeee ????.” Her plea resonated, and then the mother abruptly hung up.

Kausar placed the phone beside her, overwhelmed by emotions. Seeking solace, she knelt, succumbing to hysteria.


Despite it being Monday and her impending meeting with the Director General of their construction company, discussing the bridge design for a federal road contract, Kausar set aside her worries. Swiftly rising, she headed to the bathroom.

She looked stunning in a black and pink suit, complemented by black and pink high-heeled shoes. Her impeccable beauty was on full display. She gathered her phone, car keys, and technical equipment in haste.

Exiting her room, she ascended to the third floor, using the elevator cage since it was quite late. Once there, she stepped out onto the balcony.

A wave of awe washed over her as she found herself in a car depot adorned with beautiful flowers. Each vehicle booth bore the initial of the owner’s name at the top.

Moving through the space, she spotted three striking cars, resembling airplanes, under the booth marked with the letter ‘D.’ These cars were typical of the wealthy elite, never mingling with the ordinary, and they were always presented at the forefront of any occasion.

Moving forward, she reached another booth with the letter ‘M,’ indicating ownership by the lady of the house.

She proceeded to the next booth, where five of her cars were parked. They were a mix of luxury and mid-range vehicles, unmistakably designed with women in mind. The yellow sports car, in particular, caught her attention, with its sleek form and open top. There was also an eight-seater Jeep with black wheels on its sides. While not the most extravagant options, they bore an air of elegance, even though they were owned by a woman.

Her gaze rose to the letters ‘K & G’ on the booth, signifying Kausar and general cars, respectively.

Anticipating her next move, she observed Kausar approaching, walking with purpose. As she neared the black Jeep, she opened the passenger door, placing her belongings inside before circling around and sliding into the driver’s seat. The ignition brought the car to life with a soft purr.

At the gate, security guards welcomed her with warm gestures, opening the door for her. Saida lowered her window, passing a five-thousand-naira bill to the elder among them. “Dad, have a drink on me today,” she joked, a cheerful expression on her face.

As she drove off, their gratitude mixed with her thanks, the details fading as she focused on her journey.

Meanwhile, her mother stood in the room, holding a glass of juice in one hand and her latest Samsung phone in the other. Kausar’s movements, from stepping out of the elevator to her departure, were chronicled in this unfolding scene.

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