YARIMA ABDULMALEEK  Complete Document Written By Yusra Musa


Abuja, the capital of the Federation, exuded an air of danger around 6 o’clock in the morning, yet the city was vibrant with colors. The sun had not yet risen, and a pleasant wind swept through the streets.

The area was adorned with well-maintained asphalt, showcasing luxurious houses that hinted at affluence from the outset. One particular house stood out—a grand structure with a distinctive seal, signifying its royal affiliation.

At that moment, three women accompanied a man dressed in combat attire, implying he was perceived as guilty and being apprehended. Their journey led them to the gates of the distinguished house, marked by an air of tension. Intrigued, I decided to follow them to witness the events unfolding within the palace.

The trek was lengthy, culminating at a glass door where they patiently waited. After ten minutes, a figure emerged on the other side of the glass—a man in military attire. It was unmistakably Prince Abdul-Malik. He removed his glasses, fixing his gaze on the captured individual, and spoke. Unable to face those piercing eyes, the accused screamed in terror, even causing the knights to cower. Amidst the chaos, he began pleading, “Suraj, tell me who poisoned me. Confess, or face a lifetime in prison.”

Suraj, although visibly shaken, refused to disclose the identity of the poisoner. Prince Abdul-Malik signaled for his captors to interrogate him further. They respectfully led him away, his cries echoing. The impending punishment he would endure remained unknown.

Deep in thought, Abdul-Malik pondered who would orchestrate such a poisoning. Failing to find an answer, he exited the room, proceeding to his grandfather’s chamber. Upon entering, he found family members gathered, excluding his mother, who respectfully bowed before the king. His Highness, in great affection, held Abdul-Malik’s hand, radiating warmth. While everyone wore happy expressions, Yahanasu’s gaze betrayed her disdain, harboring a unique hatred towards him.

His Highness inquired about any issues, to which Abdul-Malik assured him all was well. However, Yaha intervened, urging Mahmud to inquire further. Mahmud expressed his concern for Abdul-Malik, and Yaha criticized him for not directly asking about any potential problems.

Mahmud smiled, defending himself, and remarked that if it were his father’s case, he would willingly endure hardship. Yaha, angered, ushered him out of the room. Abba, observing this, wondered about the woman his son was marrying, foreseeing potential challenges.

Prince Abdul-Malik bid farewell, receiving blessings from the family. His mother entered, calming him down. He found her sitting and, upon seeing him, she smiled with a motherly love that warmed his heart. She reassured him that he was still a child and would understand the challenges of parenthood when he grew up. Abdul-Malik, holding her hand, expressed his love and concern for her safety. She chuckled at his question, assuring him of her well-being. They shared a tender moment, and Abdul-Malik professed his deep love for his mother. She, in turn, smiled and acknowledged the genuine affection between them.

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