Daddy asked, “Who is Afral? Do you know her?” Quickly, Afral replied, “No, Daddy.” She bid farewell and returned to the car, resting her head on the seat. Mom, Rayhana, remained silent, not saying anything to them. They eventually reached the village in Gombe town, although they faced some confusion before finding the right house. They even stopped at a house with red floors, making them wonder if people in this village could live there. Mom and Daddy got out of the car, leaving everyone to wonder about the village’s way of life. Afral also came out of the car after some time, and her mother suggested, “Let’s help Afral out of the car.” Afral kept her composure, feeling that stepping onto the village’s ground would reveal the house they were looking for. They were eager to explore this new world.


They spent a few days at Hajiya Grandmother’s house. Ammar went home, and Umar went to Momyn’s house. He couldn’t relax with Leenart’s presence in the house, so he packed up and left for Zaria that day without a clear plan.


The next day, Afral was up at 5 am, worrying about her birthday. She tried to wake Ammar up, but he was sleepy and replied, “Please, Amrah, go away. Let Afreed handle it.” Disappointed, she left him and Afreed, who emerged from the bathroom wearing a jalabiya. It seemed he had combined his bath with ablution. She said, “Hey, baby, what are you doing here?” Turo explained, “I yawned when I started talking, but we should discuss my birthday.” Afreed smiled and suggested, “Well, let’s give it a few more minutes until he wakes up. You know.” She agreed and decided to prepare herself, leaving Afreed to deal with the situation. She laughed as she left the room, thinking, “I’m going to talk to him, and they’re going to kill him.” It wasn’t just her; even her mother and Zaitun had organized this birthday party for her. So Ammar received an invitation from Amrah and Amarahn, who were the masterminds. Then Teddy’s mother added, “Anyah, Hamma, Umar agreed to keep going,” alluding to a plot that Ammar was unaware of. She said, “Let’s go. Don’t forget your teddy,” and her mother emphasized, “Anyah, Hamma, Umar agreed to continue,” hinting at some form of intrigue or conflict involving Ammar. They left, leaving Ammar to grapple with his feelings for Amrah.

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