with modern amenities for guests or friends, and the fifth room is a guest bedroom.

Queen Basma went into her room and sat down, feeling irritated by the earlier encounter with Aryan. She had a reputation to uphold as the daughter of the president, and she couldn’t stand the thought of being near someone so common and unimportant. She decided to take a long bath to wash away the unpleasant encounter.

In the meantime, Meena and Leema sat in the living room, chatting and enjoying the luxury of Queen Basma’s home. They were carefree and happy, reveling in their privileged lives without any worries.

After her bath, Queen Basma joined her friends in the living room, and they continued chatting, laughing, and dancing to the Arabic music playing in the background. Their lives were filled with joy and excitement, with no concerns about the outside world.

The bodyguards stationed outside ensured their safety and supported Queen Basma’s car as they moved around the city.

Meanwhile, Aryan, the young man they had encountered earlier, continued on his way, reflecting on the humiliation he had faced. He couldn’t help but feel the weight of his poverty and the disparities in society. Despite the harsh treatment he had received, he managed to maintain his composure and continue with his daily life.

As the evening approached, Aryan made his way to his mother’s corn mill, where he found her working hard. He apologized for the delay and sat with her, discussing their day and sharing a moment of connection.

Back at Queen Basma’s luxurious resting place, the three friends enjoyed their time together, while Aryan’s thoughts lingered on the injustice he had faced. The stark contrast between their lives and his left him with mixed emotions, but he carried on with determination and a sense of resilience.

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