YAR BARIKI Book 1 Complete Document Written By Rufaida Omar


It’s a luxurious hotel, a haven for relaxation, inhabited mostly by young individuals who are the offspring of affluent families. The residents hail from diverse backgrounds, including Arabs, Europeans, Hausasians, and Fulanis. In this setting, an individual, indifferent to others, pursues whatever is in front of them without concern for anyone else.

One Thursday night at seven o’clock, a young woman entered the scene, wearing a skirt that barely covered her thighs and a top revealing half of her body. Adorning her head with horsehair and three large ribbons, she exuded the aura of a beauty queen. The observer, captivated by her appearance, couldn’t help but marvel at her high-heeled shoes while contemplating the potential risks to her well-being.

In her trail, she left an indelible impression on every man she passed. Reaching a table occupied by three girls, none of whom were affluent, a white man nearby remarked, “Sexy angel,” expressing both admiration and bewilderment at the unique scent she carried.

Unfazed by the comment, she lit a cigarette and, with a smile, acknowledged her admirer. The girls at the table, one of them referred to as Baby, engaged in a conversation with another named Manal. The observer, intrigued, overheard their discussion.

“Baby, your man is upset. We’ve been waiting for him to see your face for 30 minutes, but…”

Baby interrupted Manal with a gaze and a sharp retort, emphasizing her desire for independence. As she stood up, intending to leave, her phone battery suddenly died.

“Excuse me,” she uttered without sparing a glance, leaving the perplexed onlooker behind.

Manal, addressing the other girls, suggested leaving due to Baby’s unpredictable behavior. On their way out, a white guy asked for Baby’s number, but they dismissed him. In their car, the girls continued their conversation, with Manal and Dalal expressing frustration, while Hibba, seemingly amused, offered a different perspective.

Hibba, claiming that associating with Baby Tasleem was a waste of time, painted her as an enchanting and captivating individual, skilled in using mystical practices. She praised Baby for having a devoted protector, KB, and asserted that Baby was beyond comparison. The three friends, despite their camaraderie, harbored jealousy towards Baby’s abilities and audacity.

As the car drove away from Tahir’s hotel, tensions lingered among the friends, each grappling with their feelings towards Baby Tasleem.

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