YAR AIKIN KARUWAI Complete Document Written By Asma Baffa



Around 1:40 AM, during the night, I woke up needing to use the restroom. As I walked past Gwaggo’s room, an unusual sound caught my attention – her father was moaning, a sound I had never heard before. The distressing words he uttered seemed to repeat, “You will kill me… I will die…” I felt a deep sense of unease and paused by the door, my ear pressed against it.

Fearing for Gwaggo’s safety, I couldn’t ignore the ominous implications of her father’s words. I mustered the courage to knock on the door, but it remained closed. From within, I could hear Gwaggo’s voice, repeating the same chilling refrain, “You are going to kill me…”

Driven by a surge of concern and anger, I pushed the door open. In the dimly lit room, the intensity of the moment made my heart race. Gwaggo was in a state of distress, struggling with her clothes. Confusion filled the room as I tried to explain my presence, apologizing and offering to help. “Gwaggo, I heard your father’s ominous words, his threats. I came to find Miki. Are you alright?”

Gwaggo’s response was a mix of denial and confusion. She questioned my intentions and accused her parents of hypocrisy. As the tension grew, Gwaggo abruptly shut the door, leaving me outside. I was left with a cut on my hand from the encounter.

The following morning, I returned home feeling a sense of disarray. I was dressed in worn and torn clothes, a stark contrast to the elegant dress I had hoped for. I scratched my forehead, pondering the recent events. Gwaggo and Aunty Bride were seated together by a coal stove, an air of seriousness surrounding them.

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