I begin with praises and thanks to the Lord of creation, the One who is eternal and possesses absolute authority. May His peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his family, companions, and all who follow their righteous path until the Day of Resurrection.


I’d like to express my boundless gratitude to my mother, whose tireless efforts and sacrifices have been instrumental in my journey. Without my mother, the identity of “ZAINUDDEEN ZAIN” wouldn’t be known. I pray that God forgives her for any mistakes and grants her a place in paradise. May she always be shielded from harm. Amen.


My dear friend, you hold a special place in my heart. Words can’t adequately convey my appreciation for your unwavering support, prayers, and well-wishes. I simply want to say that I love you dearly. It’s as simple as that, and you know it.


Now, let’s delve into a fictional story, where the core tale is based on reality, but the details are woven by my imagination. It’s the story of a woman blessed by God, from her childhood until she reaches the age of 31. She marries a man named QASIMU, living in Maiduguri, while she hails from Kalgo town in Kebbi state. At 16, she enters this marriage, even though her heart belongs to someone else.


Once married to QASIMU, she endures humiliation and abuse. Her every effort to please him falls short, and he even resorts to physical violence. They have two children, BILKISU, the elder one at 14, and the younger AMISHA, who is 4. Tragically, another son they have receives little care from his father, ultimately leading to his demise. As a result, SAJIDA, the wife, must find the strength to raise AMISHA properly.


QASIMU’s reasons for mistreating his wife stem from his own love affair, even though he is compelled to marry her. His actions are a way to numb the pain and heartbreak within him.


On the other hand, SAJIDA continues her efforts to win her husband’s affection, even though her feelings for him are lacking. Despite their children and their growth, the gulf between them seems insurmountable.


Their lives take a dramatic turn when Boko Haram attacks their town. This event forces them into the harsh desert, filled with trials and encounters with various individuals. Through these hardships, they will learn invaluable lessons.


Their journey unfolds, and the question remains: where will they go? The answers to all your questions lie within the pages of this book, titled *YAN GUDUN HIJIRA: Sajida’s Story*.

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