YAKANAH Complete Document Written By Sumayya Abdulkadir Takori


The clock by the bedside chimed six in the morning, and Dr. Hadizah, a petite and elegant woman, slowly woke up from her slumber. Dressed in a soft nightgown, she offered her morning prayers with gratitude. Stretching her hand towards her husband, she realized she was running late and hurriedly got out of bed to prepare for the day.

In the kitchen, she could hear the sounds of their household help, Grandma Alti, busy preparing breakfast. Dr. Hadizah decided to wait for her husband, Dr. Sulayman, who was in the shower, before leaving. They both emerged from the bathroom, modestly wrapped in towels around their waists and thighs, respectively, as is their custom.

Dr. Sulayman is a tall, strong, and handsome man with a Bakotsine background. He dressed in a black Spanish-Suit with a white tie, while Dr. Hadizah put on a lovely blue dress with pink stripes, complemented by a doctor’s coat. They shared a tender moment together before parting ways to attend to their responsibilities.

Dr. Hadizah and Dr. Sulayman have two adorable children – a four-year-old boy named Munib and a two-year-old girl named Muniba. The children are their pride and joy, and the couple shares a deep love and understanding that binds their family together.

After dressing their children warmly, they all sat down to have breakfast prepared by Grandma Alti. The morning meal consisted of ginger and green soup, followed by the professor’s interior and fried potatoes with eggs. Dr. Sulayman’s focus was on ensuring their children were well-fed before attending to his own meal.

After breakfast, they bid farewell to Grandma Alti and dropped off the kids at their school, Maitama Sule, which is conveniently close to the hospital where they work – AKTH. Dr. Sulayman is a cardiology consultant, while Dr. Hadizah specializes in gynecology, particularly in the labor ward.

Throughout the day, Dr. Sulayman attended to his patients in his office, while Dr. Hadizah carried out her duties in the labor ward. At noon, Dr. Sulayman picked up the children and left them in the care of Grandma Alti before returning to work. This routine was part of their daily life, filled with love and dedication to their family and profession.

Note: The text provided does not give information on their work after noon, and the last part of the text was cut off abruptly, which is why the summary ends where it does.

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