YADDA ƘADDARA TA SO  Complete Document Written By Salma Ahmad Isah


I am thrilled to present my debut book, “HOW DESTINY WANTED.” As a novice writer, I acknowledge any shortcomings in the narrative and urge readers to forgive any resemblance to real-life incidents.

The story revolves around the lives of four characters: TAFIDA, MARYAM, UCHENNA, and HANAM. While this is my initial attempt at writing, I sincerely hope the book proves to be engaging, entertaining, and enlightening.

Destiny often unfolds in ways beyond our control, sometimes aligning with our desires and, at other times, taking unexpected turns. The journey in this book explores the intricate interplay of fate in the lives of TAFIDA, MARYAM, UCHENNA, and HANAM.

Join me on this captivating journey, and let’s discover together HOW DESTINY WILLS for these characters.

I express my gratitude to esteemed authors who inspire me:

  • sad sakhna
  • Khadija candy
  • aysha page

Special thanks to my family:

  • Alh Ahmad Isah Mahmud (my father)
  • Hauwa’u Abubakar Haruna (my mother)
  • Hafsat Ahmad Isah
  • Fatima Ahmad Isah
  • Amina Ahmad Isah

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all readers who embark on this literary adventure with me. Your support means the world.

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