WATA KAWAR TAFI GUBA Complete Document Written By Sajna


“Jawahir, what’s troubling you? Today, it seems you don’t want to have any relationship with me again?”

Jawahir took a deep breath and stood up, saying, “Well, you don’t understand my worries. What if something happens to Mom? How will I manage?”

Nana replied, “I’m sorry. Don’t worry, she’ll be fine, God willing.”

“Thank you, may God bless you.”

“Amin, my dear, I’ll check up on you later.”

Later, when they arrived home, they greeted Jawahir’s mother, and Nana returned to her own house.

*~ Brief Background ~*

Jawahir and Nana Khadija are close friends who care deeply for each other, though unaware of each other’s true feelings.

Jawahir, now 16, is the daughter of humble parents with hidden secrets, struggling financially.

Nana Khadija, on the other hand, comes from a wealthy family, and her father is well-known in Gombe for his prosperity. Her parents dote on her, providing her with everything she desires.

Their friendship is likened to the bond between liver and blood.

*~ Scene ~*

“Mami… Please, I want to visit my mother’s house. Please, don’t stop me, mom…”

Jawahir was in distress, shaking her mother, Seda, who managed to calm her down and called her brother Sahib.

Sahib arrived and took them to their mother’s house on a bicycle, rushing to get there.

After a long wait, they were finally allowed to see their mother. Jawahir cried, still affected by the earlier confrontation with her mother, but Sahib managed to console her. He paid for the medicine, and they were discharged from the hospital.

*~ Exam Time ~*

As they were preparing for the WAEC exam, Jawahir was struggling to focus on studying. She was preoccupied with taking care of her mother and handling household chores.

Nana looked at Jawahir and asked, “Jawahir, what’s going on with you?”

“I’m worried about mom,” she replied briefly.

“But you know that prayer can handle any worry, right? Don’t let it affect your studies and soul,” Nana advised.

“You’re right. Thank you.”

“Let’s pray for her and concentrate on our studies. This is our final exam before moving on to secondary school. We don’t want to end up with bad results, right?”

“I don’t have much hope, Nana. We’ll succeed if it’s meant to be. But considering my mother’s condition and my family’s situation, I can’t focus on school right now. Sahib lent me an android phone from his friend, and I’m receiving replies for the exam through WhatsApp. This way, I can take care of my mom and dad.”

“Alright, may God bless you.”

“Amen, thanks. Your driver will come to pick you up.”

“No, actually, my brother Sahib will borrow his friend’s vehicle and drop you off at the officer’s aunt’s house.”

“Okay, goodbye then. Love you, and please send my regards to our mother and father.”

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