WANI NAMIJI Complete Document Written By Shamsiya Adam



Mufaddal Mahmud, a man of striking handsomeness and intelligence, exuded a serene demeanor, crowned with a thick mane of hair. When he reclined, however, his countenance took on a peculiar twist, and he refrained from lifting the lid, presenting a glossy and captivating appearance. With a towering stature and slightly widened eyes, Mufaddal’s gaze, while tall and somewhat open, remained reserved, especially on cloudy days, reminiscent of a slumbering individual.

His desire to discuss the absence of friendships in his life weighed on him, yet amid the perceived disharmony, one person stood out as more congenial—Almustapha.

Xaune, comfortably situated in his shop, sprawled on the couch with his feet casually placed on the table before him. Engaged in a phone conversation, his focus extended beyond the device. 

“Oga oga,” Sameer, his son, interrupted.

Dasauri, acknowledging the call, directed his attention toward Sameer, signaling his readiness.

“It’s okay, Sameer. Oga is a stranger, and they brought him here in two cars, but one of them was sabotaged.”

“Enough of the commotion. Go and fetch Muhsin to inspect everything they’ve done. That’s your priority.”

“Yes, teacher,” Sameer responded dutifully, departing to carry out the instructions.

As Sameer left, Yahango Muhsin took his place on a long bench at the shop’s entrance, observing the unfolding events.

With the call to prayer echoing, marking the acceptable time for the five o’clock prayer, the market adjacent to Mufaddal’s house was bustling. However, an unsettling fear filled his heart, contemplating the potential consequences of venturing out without a sign. Silently, he maneuvered through the routine, reaching his house and entering, hoping for divine intervention.

Inside, the aftermath of a feast lay scattered in the hall, with Frij Yamanne’s lifeless body at the center. Mufaddal, grappling with the distressing scene, proceeded to clean up the remnants, contemplating the inexplicable disaster.

A shower offered a brief respite, allowing him to reflect on the calamity befallen upon his once vibrant home. The crimson hue of the house intensified, a stark contrast to the unsettling reality that unfolded during the feast. His thoughts were consumed with the disheartening realization that he, the provider, was now the one left wanting.

Emerging from his bedroom, Mufaddal placed the key before him, pondering the heart-wrenching question—what catastrophe had befallen his once harmonious household?

Meanwhile, a woman, observing from the shadows, tapped the water rubber against the chair, questioning the identity of the man returning from the mosque.

As she dialed another number, three rings later, Natane, seemingly indifferent, spoke in Hausa, expressing her discontent with the current state of affairs in the household.

The call abruptly ended with a burst of tears, leaving the listener, Janan, gasping for air. Attempting to console Natane, she reassured her friend amidst sobs.

In the midst of the emotional exchange, Hammy, the source of Natane’s distress, entered the scene, covering her face with pushed-back hair.

Janan, trying to comfort Hammy, explained the complexities of her impending wedding, urging patience and understanding.

The narrative then shifts to Hammy’s background, revealing her upbringing and the challenges she faced as a child in her father’s house. The story unfolds as Hammy navigates through cultural complexities and family dynamics, shedding light on her journey of self-discovery.

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