“I would give my life for your love, my dearest, as long as you don’t hurt me with your old ways, my love. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have a woman like you in my life. Please promise that you’ll never run away from me, no matter the circumstances.”

She blinked, envisioning a future where they were together, both dressed elegantly. Her heart swelled with affection for him.

In a soft, sincere voice, she said, “If I pray to Allah, may He find me truthful and accept everything I’ve found in you.”

Her words touched him deeply, and he whispered, “My love, it’s time for us to finally meet face to face. We’ve been dating for almost five months now without making eye contact. I’m overwhelmed by the prospect of seeing your beautiful face, always filled with a smile. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have someone like you.”

He took a moment to compose himself and then continued, “Jim asked me, and I told him that you have my heart, and I love you with all of it. Insha Allah, you will be the mother of my children. However, I must ask for your understanding as I won’t be able to come due to certain reasons. I’ll arrange a meeting point for us if that’s acceptable to you, but please understand, my love.”

She wasn’t thrilled about this arrangement, but her love for him prevailed, and she agreed to it. They promised to meet the next day, and he hung up after kissing her through the phone.

Later, her aunt introduced her to a young man who had been trying to get her attention for some time. Her aunt scolded her, saying, “Who has you so preoccupied with others and asking questions?”

Feeling embarrassed, she apologized, “I’m sorry, big sister; that’s not what I meant…”

She noticed that her aunt was in love with someone she had met on Instagram, a man named Yusuf. She returned to her reading, pondering the hints and marveling at her aunt’s ability to find love.

Eventually, her studies took precedence, but one day, she spotted her aunt, Maryam. Her aunt was elegantly dressed, radiating beauty. She called out to her, and Maryam asked her to get ready to accompany her to the neighborhood.

After donning her hijab and grabbing her phone, she informed her aunt that she was ready. Maryam took the car keys, and they embarked on their journey. As they drove, they listened to Celine Dion’s song, “My Heart Will Go On,” which added a touch of romance to their outing.

When they reached their destination, her aunt hesitated for a moment, touching her face. She indicated that the house was there, and they disembarked from the vehicle.

The house turned out to be quite modest, and they approached the door of a room where they were expected. They knocked and were welcomed inside.

Sitting in a wheelchair, a handsome young man greeted them with a warm smile. He expressed his appreciation for the presence of such a beautiful lady. He offered them seats and looked towards Maryam, but his attention didn’t seem to satisfy her.

Angrily, she said, “Are you the one who has consumed all my time and thoughts?”

She continued, “I’ve wasted precious moments because of you, and may Allah be the one to judge between us.”

Frustrated, she turned to her niece and remarked, “We’ve discussed you and your father’s son for hours, only to find you on a wheelchair, trailing us.”

In a pleading tone, he interjected, “If my actions have caused you pain, please tell me. I’m ready to apologize. Don’t punish me like this, for I cannot bear to be without you.”

Infuriated, she responded, “Please, Yusuf, or whatever your name is, don’t deceive yourself into calling me ‘my love.’ Find someone else who is unaware of your condition, but not me.”

Despite his pleas, she stormed out of the house and left him behind. She expressed her disappointment, saying that he didn’t deserve the treatment she had received.

Frustrated, she returned home, where her aunt’s involvement in a virtual romance had caused quite a stir. She decided to block Yusuf’s number, cutting ties with him.

As she returned to her series, a Mexican film dubbed in Arabic continued to captivate her attention, providing an escape from the events of the day.

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