WA YAFI KAUNATA  Complete Document Written By Fatima Rabiu


The village of AKKO in Gombe state is a substantial settlement, almost resembling a local government area, despite not being designated as an LGA.

My full name is Maryam Muhammad Amadu mai Shano, and we reside in a large house with distinct sections. Amadu mai Shano is the original owner of the house. In the fifth Baffah of Muhammad, Uncle Sule is the breadwinner of Baffa, followed by Uncle Iro Sanan, Uncle Mamman, and Gwaggo Fati. There are half and five children, with Abbas being the eldest, followed by Mansur Hafiz, Gaje, and Hajara as the youngest. Uncle Iro has a wife named Hindatu and three children: Naja’atu, Sa’ida, and the youngest son Ismail. Uncle Mamman also has a wife with two children, Khamis and Zeena. Zeena used to take care of me since I grew up in the house of Baffah. He passed away when I was young, and my Umma left Amadu’s family. Shano married someone else, leaving me with the Baffa family. In our family, there are four of us: Naja’atu, Hajara, Sa’ida, and Zeena. I haven’t faced issues with anyone in the house except Inna Rabi, Uncle Sule’s wife, who harbors resentment towards me, claiming that I don’t heed my brothers and sisters regarding their grandmother. Sule, despite having six children who love me, dislikes me, especially Abbas. He seems to detest me to the extent that we’ve never been alone together. Hafiz takes care of me, showing immense care, but Abbas is the only one who understands Inna Rabi’s behavior. She despises me more than anyone else. Gwaggo Fati, married in the city, is the only one not involved in studies, so I spend my days in Kawu Mamman’s department. I prefer to be there, as Mamman’s wife treats me like her own. My grandmother, Iya, is distant, and I don’t like her or Inna Rabi. While Inna Rabi is strict with Abbas, Hafiz shows me strict care.

The narrative of Amadu mai Shano’s family unfolds with various dynamics. The family’s daily life reveals the interactions, relationships, and challenges faced by its members.

One day, returning home with joy, the girls from the house encounter news of Abbas’s arrival in town. His notorious attitude creates an unpleasant atmosphere, deterring people from town visits. The family members become preoccupied with his presence, knowing the impact it can have.

Upon hearing Abbas’s arrival, the atmosphere changes. Maryam, keen to avoid confrontation, heads straight to her grandmother’s side. Trying to call her grandmother from outside, she is interrupted by Abbas’s mischievous comments. Abbas criticizes her behavior, and when Maryam attempts to greet her grandmother, Abbas dismisses her and leaves with a mocking smile.

Despite the challenging encounter with Abbas, Maryam is delighted to see her grandmother, Iya. She expresses her joy, revealing her relief that Abbas’s arrival was unexpected, and she did not anticipate facing him.

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