The farewell gesture led her into the house, but the family members followed her gaze, prompting her to enter. She understood, so she went inside, knowing full well that it was her duty as a Muslim to bid farewell if someone enters the community. As she entered the room, her gaze fell on their shoes, and she asked, “Mama, whose shoes are these?”

Her mother responded by hastily pouring water into a basin and placing it before her, saying, “No, Jannat, these are mine; I washed my feet earlier. It seems like you need to wash your feet too.” With that, she continued her work, and Jannat proceeded to wash her feet, following her mother’s instructions without further questioning.

“Jalal, I swear, you must leave immediately. We’ll send you home because of your father; he abuses you because you insist on what you desire. So, don’t even think about coming back; I swear, I’ll go to any lengths to keep you away from here. I’ll never allow you to step foot in this house again; I’d rather die than let you marry her. Every girl you propose to agrees; I swear, they all see your worth, and they agree willingly. This is the absolute truth; I’m saying it from the bottom of my heart.”

With tears streaming down his face, he looked at his mother and said, “I swear, every girl I’ve approached has accepted my proposal willingly; they all see my worth. It’s just that whenever I see her, something stirs within me.” His heart ached as he continued to watch her, feeling helpless in the face of her suffering.


As they entered the club, the nameplate announced their presence. The girls seated there bore names like “Waje Nono” and “Waje Giya,” with some holding bottles in their hands. Some girls were there just for the company, while others had different intentions. From there, he selected the best and approached her with a drink in hand, saying, “Beb, you’re missing out. Tomorrow, I won’t come to this club because my dad will be back tomorrow.”

His touch sent shivers down her spine as she stared at him, her eyes pleading, “Ohh, please, you’ll come back tomorrow, won’t you? Promise me you’ll come back; I can’t bear it if you leave me alone.”


Upon returning home, the family members greeted them with bewilderment, but they had no words of comfort to offer. Instead, they silently entered the house. Inside, the eldest daughter, Zunde, took the lead in showing them their water source. She took a pot, filled it with water, and started heating it. She then poured the hot water into a basin, ready to wash her feet before going to bed. Jannat noticed her hesitation and decided to take charge, entering the house with confidence. Every day, after finishing her studies, she would engage in household chores, striving to contribute despite the burden of school fees. Although they closed the door behind them, they couldn’t shut out the incessant noise from outside, intruding on their peace.

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