TSIRA DA HALAKA Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


Once upon a time, in a distant land known as Hirtoliya, there was a powerful kingdom ruled by King Garzub, the son of Inkal. King Garzub was renowned for his strength, bravery, and sorcery skills. He commanded an army of fearless warriors who feared nothing, and his kingdom was respected by neighboring countries.

The people of Hirtoliya were content under the rule of King Garzub, especially the wealthy and the sorcerers. However, the poor were burdened by strict laws. Every year, both the rich and the poor had to pay a tax of two sacks of food to the king. No one, regardless of their status, could enter the royal house without permission, and selling the king’s secrets was strictly prohibited. Moreover, deviation from the religion of worshipping an idol called Larruta was punishable by death.

Prince Uzaima, King Garzub’s son, was different from his father in his caring and humble nature. He showed compassion to the poor and often visited his friend Kaizur’s house, where he spent time with Kaizur’s blind mother, Siyala, and his younger brother Hidal. Hidal admired and loved Prince Uzaima deeply.

However, Prince Uzaima’s refusal to marry any of the beautiful princesses brought before him angered King Garzub. The king wanted his son to marry for status and power, but Prince Uzaima sought genuine love. This disagreement caused tension between them.

One day, messengers arrived from a neighboring city called Farzuba, warning of an approaching Arab army of forty million warriors, seeking slaves and resources. King Garzub decided to fight them off, preparing a massive army for war.

Prince Uzaima, disturbed by the upcoming conflict and worried for Hidal’s safety, sought to protect his friend. He disobeyed the king’s command not to leave the royal house and secretly visited Kaizur’s home to comfort him. When the king discovered this, he was furious and demanded strict adherence to his orders.

As the war approached, the atmosphere in Hirtoliya was tense. The army gathered, and King Garzub appeared in fierce armor, ready to lead the troops into battle. The people feared the imminent war and bid their loved ones farewell.

With heavy hearts, the battle commenced, and King Garzub’s forces faced the formidable Arab army. The outcome of the war remained uncertain, and everyone knew the stakes were high.

Meanwhile, King Garzub had a moment of despair and doubt. He realized the enormity of the impending loss of life and was unsure of the war’s outcome. He turned to Larruta for guidance, hoping to find solace.

The war raged on, and the people of Hirtoliya waited anxiously for news. Would their kingdom emerge victorious, or would they suffer a devastating defeat?

In this tale of bravery, love, and sacrifice, the fate of Hirtoliya hung in the balance, and the true strength of its people was put to the ultimate test. Only time would reveal the outcome of the epic war, and the fate of Prince Uzaima, his beloved Hidal, and the kingdom of Hirtoliya.

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