TSINTACCIYA Complete Document Written By NimcyLuv


This Sunday morning marked a historic event for the people of the Kano region and beyond, as the town faced imminent danger and the onset of August. The wind, carrying an air of danger, swept through the sky, gradually descending with the potential for rain at any moment. The robust wind tousled rooftops and lightweight objects in its path.

As the clouds gathered and intertwined, the sky transformed into a surreal shade of red, surpassing the limits of imagination. A deafening noise accompanied the impending danger, prompting birds to flee from treetops for cover. The velocity of the wind and its destructive impact on the surroundings prompted animals to flee and cry out. Vehicles came to a standstill on the streets of Sabon Garin.

The sound of water descending from the sky, a sharp “shuuuu,” instilled fear in those outside. Today was the day when heavy rainfall, coupled with a wind capable of stripping roofs off unprotected houses, posed a serious threat.

Undeterred by the rain, a woman sought refuge, desperately attempting to relocate to a safer place. Seated on the floor of Sabon Gari market, her actions hinted at an underlying distress. A fair-skinned woman with a medium build and long, dark hair cascading down her back revealed her mixed heritage. Shivering from the intensity of the surface water, she exhibited signs of shock as the water transformed into ice, prompting her to look up in panic.

“Yasubuhanallah!” escaped her lips, and her illuminated face suggested an eerie but captivating presence. Despite her nakedness, she wore only a short hair covering her face. With raised eyes and a moving mouth, she uttered, “Yo hayyu ya kayyum,” her words resonating in the silent surroundings.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom parked nearby, and a wealthy man emerged, holding an umbrella to shield himself. Fixing his gaze on the seemingly deranged woman, he displayed a mix of intrigue and bewilderment. Inwardly troubled by the inexplicable attraction he felt towards the naked woman, he grappled with conflicting emotions.

As he observed her from head to toe, he couldn’t help but express admiration for her beauty. His thoughts raced, envisioning her as a potential political ally with her soft, alluring figure. The man entertained the notion of her joining the federal house of representatives.

Amidst his musings, the unexpected movement behind her caught her attention, causing her to turn and notice a man approaching. Fear and panic gripped her, transforming the initial worry about his entry into her life into a challenging situation.

Undeterred, the man pressed closer, seemingly enjoying the struggle. The woman, trembling with anger, attempted to distance herself, but the man persisted. As the tension escalated, someone intervened, pressing into the car and securing it with a lock.

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