Suhairat’s captivating beauty could be seen as she sat by the window while her maid watched. She grew up in the Shuwa Arab region, and her parents were known for their wealth, which her father greatly desired. He envisaged a prosperous future for his daughter.

Yet, Suhairat’s father strongly opposed her marrying abroad, suspecting that those suitors only coveted his wealth. The conflict between father and daughter was fueled by the gossip of his friends who criticized the lavish gifts bestowed upon Suhairat. Despite this, Suhairat remained an affectionate person, cherished by many. People were hesitant to approach her due to her father’s intimidating presence. Though many wished to court her, they feared his stern disapproval, and perhaps because they lacked the wealth he sought.

Suhairat received expensive cars as gifts and was wooed primarily for her fortune. Wealthy individuals and high-ranking officials sought her company, and she was renowned for her charm and grace. Her father’s ambitions had been fulfilled as the household’s wealth continued to grow. This situation provoked jealousy and resentment from those around them.

Meanwhile, Maiduguri faced a surge in violence, leading to people staying indoors out of fear. Security concerns disrupted the flow of everyday life, making it challenging for the common folk to find sustenance. The streets, once teeming with life, were now deserted. Security officers patrolled the roads, and anyone who ventured outside faced grave danger.

In the town of Bauchi, around four o’clock in the afternoon, Yusuf, a student at AtBU University, continued his studies. He aspired to become a wealthy man, a dream born from observing the struggles of his parents. However, he was averse to the jobs that he could undertake to alleviate their financial burdens. His friends were his only solace in those difficult times. 

Romantic endeavors were the last thing on Yusuf’s mind. He was determined to focus on his studies, despite the occasional teasing from his friends. Maryam, the Commissioner of Broadcasting’s daughter, had shown interest in him, but he remained unsure about love, his heart and mind preoccupied with academic aspirations.

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