TAURA BIYU Complete Document Written By Mamuh Gee


The family home is a large compound with six bedrooms inside and many guests often visit.

The patriarch of the family, a wealthy businessman, has been in the city for about six years now.

Mr. Zubair is the head of the household, and his wife Fatima has given birth to six sons, while their daughter, Hindatu, has two daughters.

Hindatu is known for her intelligence, and her sons are named Zayyanu, Auwalu, Dahiru, Musa, Mustapha, Abdullahi, and Sani.

Baba Shehu is Mr. Zubair’s father, and he has the same authority as Mr. Zubair, and they both have a say in the household affairs. His wife, Mama Salamatu, gave birth to six sons and six daughters, including Hafsat, Amina, Hajaru, Zainab, and Sumayya, and they all got married.

Then there is Baba Yusuf, who is known for his honesty and integrity, and his wife Fatima gave birth to two daughters, Aisha and Nuratu.

Alhaji Bello is their neighbor, and his son’s involvement in crime is a concern, but his father has no control over him, and he often creates trouble without any repercussions. His two wives, Mama Bilki and Umma Sakina, have given him sons, including Ahmad, Isah, Umar, Abbakar, Saudat, and Salma, and daughters Husna.

Everyone in the family lives together, but the male children have their own separate rooms.

Their origins trace back to Niger State, and they moved from Gombe city to settle in the town where they currently reside.

The men are scholars and do not engage in any other work besides teaching and leading prayers.

The household follows strict religious practices and does not allow any deviation from them.

The children are taught the Quran and other religious texts from a young age.

Education is highly valued, and even the girls are encouraged to pursue higher education.

The girls reach puberty around the age of nine and are married off, but Aysha’s marriage was postponed due to her desire for further education, which caused tension between her and her family.

The girls are currently in their second year at the university, with Aysha studying medicine and the others studying Islamic studies.

Yaya Umar is Aysha’s cousin and her confidant, always supporting her decisions.

He is a man of strong principles like their fathers and always stands by his word, never succumbing to pressure or compromising his values.

His integrity and honesty earn him respect from his family and peers alike.

However, his feelings for Jakarta, Aysha’s friend, may cause complications in their relationship.

Jakarta is a humble and modest girl, unlike Aysha’s other friends, and she is always supportive of Aysha.

Their encounter at the bus stop leads to a new friendship between Jakarta and Husnah, who guides her to the new university site.

Husnah’s determination impresses Jakarta, who realizes that she is a student from a rural background facing challenges in the city.

As they enter the lecture hall, Husnah’s confidence wavers, but she remains determined to understand the lectures, despite the difficulty.

After six hours, they leave the lecture hall feeling exhausted but satisfied with their learning.

As they head home, Husnah shares her concerns about a family matter with her mother.

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