TANA TARE DA NI Complete Document Written By miemiebee


It was a Saturday evening around 5:00 p.m. in the village of Bama, Maiduguri state, Borno. The rain had begun to fall gently, accompanied by a cool wind that rustled through the trees and flowers, enveloping the town in a serene calmness. People of all ages, young and old, were nestled in their homes, while a few pedestrians loitered on the road, and cars passed by intermittently.

Under a yim tree, I noticed four young men, each appearing to be around 17 or 18 years old. Even from a distance, I couldn’t help but admire their striking features. One of the boys, named Anas, particularly stood out. With fair skin and a faint reddish hue on his cheeks, Anas had a captivating presence. His blue eyes shone brightly, contrasting with his black hair that fell in a gentle wave around his face. He possessed a well-built frame despite his lean physique. Anas seemed to exude a certain aura, commanding attention without even trying.

Seated next to Anas was another young man who bore a striking resemblance to him, although Anas was undeniably the more striking of the two. The other two boys had chocolate-colored skin, one slightly darker than the other. The atmosphere around them was relaxed and jovial, except for Anas, who appeared to be preoccupied with something that cast a shadow over his usual cheerfulness.

As they conversed, Anas’s friends playfully teased him, referring to him as a heartthrob for the ladies. Anas, although seemingly uncomfortable with the attention, remained composed. He steered the conversation away from the topic of girls or relationships, expressing his disinterest with the subject. However, the mention of marriage seemed to strike a nerve, causing Anas to react with visible agitation.

Anas’s emotional reaction to the topic of marriage piqued the curiosity of his friends, who gently prodded him to share the cause of his distress. Anas, despite his initial reluctance, eventually revealed that the source of his anguish stemmed from his mother’s actions. He expressed his deep disappointment in her, feeling betrayed by her decision to leave the family. Anas’s resentment toward his mother was palpable, reflecting the emotional wounds he carried.

Anas’s outburst left his friends at a loss for words, unsure of how to console him. His strong aversion to discussing his past made it clear that the topic was off-limits. The boys eventually changed the subject, attempting to lighten the mood. Anas’s emotional turmoil continued to cast a shadow over his otherwise cheerful demeanor, leaving his friends to ponder over his unspoken pain.

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