TAKOBIN IZZA Part 9 to 13  Complete Document Written By Ismail Abdullahi


As the king’s soldiers bellowed and brandished their weapons like a blazing inferno, Queen Adya exclaimed to Suhana Kumar, Fatilla Fatil, and Princess Mandiya Surja, urging them to take vengeance on their foes for their transgressions. With swords drawn, they launched a relentless assault on the enemy.

Mounted on their steeds, the wise and valiant king wielded two swords, leaving a trail of fallen adversaries in his wake. Death permeated the battlefield, and the enemy trembled before the prowess of this heroic ruler. In the midst of the chaos, Suhana Kesaukewa Harwani soared through the air, delivering swift and decisive blows to her adversaries. Meanwhile, Queen Adiya pursued Tarika, extinguishing their lives and consigning them to hell.

In a mere four hundred seconds, the killers, both human and beast, suffered defeat at the hands of the king’s army, causing considerable havoc. Seizing ten camels laden with provisions, they retreated to their camp. The relentless onslaught claimed over 40,000 lives, leaving a trail of praise and curses in its wake. Addressing his soldiers, the king acknowledged their might but urged them to eliminate every adversary.

Despite the intensity of the battle, Fatil and Princess Safira sustained injuries that demanded attention. Nevertheless, they persevered, alive and resolute in their pursuit of justice.

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