TAGWAYE Complete Document Written By Maman Mama


He walked, feeling his body in motion, but the sensation beneath his feet was absent. It seemed as if he were floating in the sky. Opening his closed eyes quickly, he found himself face to face with a woman. There was an unfamiliar touch in his heart, a sensation he had never experienced before. Attempting to memorize her features, he struggled as his gaze failed to capture her completely. Though he wanted her to look at him, his efforts to meet her eyes ended in the unexpected sound of a baby’s cry.

Surprised, he glanced down at his body and realized he felt as though he were walking in the air. He wasn’t an adult; he was a baby, cradled in the arms of the woman who had touched his heart. It was a dream—a dream about his mother, a subject that had never surfaced in his waking life. The face he strained to see belonged to his mother, leaving him bewildered. Despite his attempts to talk to her, all that emerged from his mouth was the cry of a baby.

Without acknowledging him, the woman shook him gently, her face reflecting fear and worry, but devoid of love. In his baby’s voice, he asked, “Why? Why don’t you like what I did for you?” Instead of a response, she covered his face with a cloth, blocking her vision as well. He wriggled and fussed, yearning to see her face again. Eventually, he succeeded in uncovering his face, discovering their location.

They were on the side of a dark road outside the city. Feeling the chill on his body, he realized he was only covered by the cloth. A car approached, and he hoped for assistance, but the woman hid behind a tree, muffling his cries. The passing car didn’t prompt her to uncover his face or acknowledge him.

Exhausted, he lay down, catching his breath as she continued walking. Suddenly, she stopped, and he recognized the place—a familiar orphanage gate in Nigeria. She maneuvered along the wall, avoiding the light, and eventually knelt down to put him on the ground.

His cries intensified, driven by the fear of separation. His only desire was for her to look at him, if only for a moment. Ignoring him, she bid farewell without a glance or a touch, swiftly leaving the scene. As her hand left his body, a sense of abandonment consumed him.

In the midst of his cries, the steps of a man approached, offering a moment of relief. Her face reappeared as she stood over him, and he felt a surge of happiness. But instead of expressing love or promises of return, she covered him once again with the cloth and disappeared into the trees, leaving him in a painful cold, his heart burning. In the midst of his distress, he realized that his umbilical cord had not been cut.

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