TA LEKO TA KOMA Complete Document Written By Nazir Adam Salih


On a sunny afternoon with a few clouds adorning the sky, one of the most cherished moments in his life unfolded. Unplanned, he decided to take a leisurely walk, feeling a sense of detachment as if escaping from the pressures of life. Staying along the picturesque banks of the Kwara River, a favorite haunt for him, he reveled in the beauty of the surroundings.

As Haidar prepared for his stroll, he took along a small book in Hausa, intending to read it by the river. However, his plans changed when he heard a car outside, and he knew it was his friend Aliyu waiting to join him. He rushed to meet Aliyu after a brief encounter with his mother, Aishat, who reminded him not to stay out too late, aware of his father’s concerns.

But to Haidar’s surprise, it was not Aliyu waiting for him; instead, a woman stood near a car, turning the key. She was dressed in a long black gown, with her head covered, and her face obscured by sunglasses, highlighting her enchanting nose. She introduced herself as Suraiya, also known as Monika, a woman of the class elite, indulging in extravagant spending on clothes and vehicles.

Suraiya had an undeniable charm that attracted men, but beneath her beautiful appearance lay an extreme desire for wealth and material possessions. Known for mingling with the wealthy, Suraiya’s pursuit of materialistic pleasures often brought her to the barracks.

However, Suraiya developed an infatuation with Haidar, who had no interest in her. Despite his numerous rejections, Suraiya persisted, even though it caused unrest in the neighborhood and reached the ears of Haidar’s parents. His father sternly warned him against pursuing a relationship with someone of questionable character.

Despite Haidar’s mother trying to dissuade Suraiya as well, she seemed determined, claiming she couldn’t control her feelings. Their acquaintance began as a mere game but soon escalated into a crisis that affected many in the Banasariyya neighborhood near the river’s gentle flow.

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