SO SIRRIN ZUCIYA  Complete Document Written By Mujahida Matar Malam


He rushed to the restroom to answer his phone, knowing it was Fadeela. Her voice echoed through the phone, “Hey, where are you? I’ve been trying to reach you with that sweet voice of yours that always catches my attention.” She chuckled, hearing him pick up and greet her with his gentle voice.

“A friend suggested I go to the Karakani restaurant. I’m craving my favorite meal, saka wara and agusi soup. But as I was strolling around, Aunt Saina looked like she needed help, so I had to end the call. It’s tough. I just glanced at my room, noticing the broken bed, but there was a wardrobe and a small fridge on the wall. A picture of my beautiful girl, Yanapitowa, hung on the wall. I was just talking to her brother and his wife, Rukayya. Fadell? Aunt Saina takes the time to send me on errands. He doesn’t usually go for walks, but every time I miss him, Fadeela calls.”

“How do you know who Fadeela is, km? Auntie, they are very far from Bamuda and it’s ai… Fadeell ended the conversation just right and asked how he was able to get the car key. He took the key from Auntie YC. Where was she? Sour maji Adawo lpy. Dry Yy Yy YC Ba’abara Ba Tarya Mauryna is just Kabatace…”

She wore an Arabic gown and a small scarf tied behind her head. She looked stunning with a bright smile. At least 20 years old, he observed from the car. “Good afternoon, friend. Do you think my attire is appropriate? Raudha Restaurant is a simple eatery, but one and all frequent it. It’s just that my friend isn’t here, so don’t pay attention to what you’re wearing. Don’t fuss over your dressing.” His bond with another woman was raising questions. Why doesn’t Fadeela understand? But it’s not for women? That’s why I don’t confide my soul’s secrets to her. She interrupted his thoughts and said, “I’m a friend. Everyone saw me and knew that you looked gorgeous.” They got out of the car and walked inside together.

One of the workers brought the menu to take their orders. She perused the list for her favorite dishes, while he absently scrolled through her photos on his phone. He quickly pocketed his phone, feeling her gaze on him. “Why are you looking at my screen? If you don’t want to see me, why are you snooping? I was talking to you, but you were focused on my phone. What’s caught your attention?” Not wanting to escalate the situation, he insisted she not go in alone, just as strangers. Sensing her shift in mood, was she falling for him? Uncertain of what to do next, he tried to change the subject. “Km Saina Padama Aunt Kasamu got married yesterday,” Baki blurted out loudly, “You’re a big hit at my friend’s party.” Reading a message from his friend about landing a job, he tried to lighten the mood. She smiled, knowing he often talked to her about his relationships every time they met. Unsure of how to serve the nation, he confided in her, his best friend, fearing his wife didn’t love him at all.

“No, I don’t want to eat this food alone. What’s the best dish for you? I’m sorry to bother you,” he lamented.

“I don’t eat much, but the food you order is always delicious, and I can vouch for that. She beamed happily.

“Mikewa, let’s head back to the car,” Saida began, already leaving. A young man approached her, saying, “Are you leaving, my boy?”


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