SILAR SOYAYYA Complete Document Written By Rabee’art Shuayb Na baba


*The Ivory Residence* stands as the original name of this dwelling, and its occupants, the household head being no stranger, are all adorned in white.

Alhaji Bukar, the original owner, is a remarkably handsome man, blessed abundantly with wealth. Their family includes five siblings: Ya”Ya, Hassan, Hussain, Nura, and Shamsu Abdallah. United by love, they present a beautiful picture, with a distinctive white tree at their backs.

Upon marriage, their parents followed the tradition of bringing their spouses to this grand abode, constructed by Alhaji Bukar himself. The expansive structure encompasses six individual houses, creating a vast living space.

The custom in the house dictates that each member is wedded until everyone has found a life partner. The family members, including Hassan and Aisha, Shamsu and Hawa, Abdallah and Rabi’ah, all exemplify this tradition. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they all share a common bond and familial connection within the White House.

Alhaji Bukar, also part of this family, encountered similar familial relationships as he explored the expansive residence.

Their familial ties expanded as they established new generations. Hussain, for instance, has four sons, Hassanma has four, Nura has three, and Shukurah has a son named Miqdad, popular both at home and in school.

Miqdad, known for his charisma since childhood, excelled in various aspects, even producing his own play. His remarkable qualities extended to his physical appearance, mannerisms, and religious dedication.

Shamsu Shikuma, on the other hand, had three brothers and three sisters: Nabila, Fatima, and Mujibah, the youngest and most beautiful among them.

Abdallah, with two brothers and two sisters named Ahmad and Aysha, also married Khadija from Palestine, overcoming challenges due to her non-relativeness. Khadija had two brothers, Mubina and Muwadda.

Despite their varied backgrounds, all members of this extended family are united by their fair complexions, justifying the moniker *White House*. Muwaddah, however, possesses a distinct chocolate-colored hue.

Muwaddah, among all of Alhaji Bukar’s grandchildren, received an unparalleled love from him, causing tension within the family. The affection sparked jealousy, leading to conflicts among the women, particularly Mujibah’s mother. However, Muwaddah focused on her legal career, defying the negativity.

The house was divided between supporters of Muwaddah and those favoring Mujibah. Despite the internal strife, the family remained united in their commitment to one another.

Intriguingly, Miqdad, a pivotal figure, planned with Mujibah but harbored resentment toward Muwaddah. Muwaddah, seeking unity, faced challenges in forging a similar bond with Miqdad.

The narrative unfolds with Mubina and Anwar joining in marriage, while Mujibah and Muwaddah continue to navigate the complexities of their relationships. The White House, filled with familial bonds, becomes the backdrop for joyous celebrations and new beginnings.

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