I witnessed a scene where men and women were preparing for a trip to the sea, brimming with happiness and joy. Among them was the beloved King of Kano, King Ahmed Amin, the 5th ruler of this historic and blessed kingdom. He had four wives, with the head of the household named Habibah, followed by Aminah, Hajaru, the bride, and the youngest, Juwaira.

King Ahmed Amin was known for his benevolence, particularly towards his only son, Prince Mujeeb. It was said that when a married man cherished his heir above all else in the world, his affection for the child only grew stronger, deepening their bond.

I observed His Highness seated within his palace, and it was evident that he was content. Perhaps his joy was connected to the return of Prince Mujeeb.

Suddenly, someone in the palace addressed the king, whispering something in his ear. Realizing I had been left behind, I hurriedly donned my hijab, joined by Dinah, and slipped on my shoes. We joined the king’s entourage and set off for the airport.

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