SANGARTATTCE Complete Document Written By Maman Shakur


“Oh my goodness, my father is on the verge of passing away, and my mother is expecting a baby!” Two women surrounded her on their mats, with two girls in the center of the house on the cement floor. The atmosphere was chaotic, everyone running around nervously, their faces showing signs of anxiety. Positioned beside the mat, an old man wearing a large shirt and a hat, along with a turban resembling that of a teacher, was near her feet.

The woman in distress seemed as if she hadn’t eaten; her stomach slightly swollen, displaying a noticeable rash. She cried out, gripping the hands of another woman, “Oh my God, my mother is about to deliver triplets! My mother is in pain, and I am in pain!” Frantically, she called out to her father, desperately seeking help. Her screams echoed through the house, prompting one of the women, presumably her mother, to intervene amid her frustration. The other woman, wiping sweat as she prepared breakfast, covered her face with her hands and implored, “Balkisu, with the golden bed, please quiet us down. Pray for me, strong father, Layla, and Raiyana will say you’re losing hair but watching.”

The distressed woman continued to plead and cry, shouting for her father’s assistance. Her mother, irritated by her words, silenced her forcefully, stating, “You’re the only one who shouldn’t invoke God’s name; it’s just nonsense.” Meanwhile, the father, cup in hand, addressed the situation, confirming, “It’s Zainaba.” The distressed woman bit her lip, displaying a mix of emotions, as her friend comforted her with a hand on her shoulder.

The tension escalated until the mother intervened, signaling that the woman was ready. They slowly sat her up against the wall, and she screamed as if facing imminent death. Finally, they poured water over her, and as she covered her upper body, she continued to cry out in pain. The father, seemingly resigned, handed the cup to the mother, announcing, “In an hour, Amina will be born. Let me return to the students’ room.”

Exiting the room, the father encountered a hall filled with studying students, overseen by elders with whips. Outside, students studied on the cement ground, protected from rain by a makeshift tent. The atmosphere was filled with the scent of potatoes, and the sound of two bells signaled prayer time. Nearby, students took baths, and there was a well with a bucket for collecting water. An older student approached the teacher, asking about payments for studies, and then inquired about Balkisun’s well-being. The teacher, troubled, responded with a prayer for her speedy recovery. Concerned, the student went to retrieve what the teacher had sent him for in the hall.

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