“Wow, my goodness, folks, this is really overwhelming. I can’t accept this situation. I’m truly sorry. Oh my, it’s as if I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. By the way, Mom, I might have to sell my Zandao.

And that’s not all; I’ve been heeding all the advice from the TANLAR team. I’m not sure if I missed anything.

Oh dear, your mischievous ways, my child, I apologize, but Tanlar is here to challenge us, and we can’t back down.

Dad’s anger didn’t faze him; he just said he’d deal with it later and went to grab a drink.

Mother, why can’t you see my efforts? I’m trying to soften Dad’s sternness, even though I follow the advice.

As a young woman, you want to tell me that I’ll take care of you because of Dad’s mistake and make amends.

Hello, my manager, it’s quite noisy in the house this evening. What’s wrong, SHAHNAZ? You always acknowledge this girl’s efforts, no matter what.

I’ve managed to find some money now, so I don’t have any issues. I swear I won’t ask for a new Zandao. I had a tough time getting it in the first place. You said I wasn’t enough to marry off your daughter. Who is your father, anyway? Tell me.

Wiwiwi, you’ve started looking down on me just because I told you the truth. You’re making me angry.

But why won’t you bid me farewell? You treat me like your bag, always giving back what you owe. Then you act like you’re doing me a favor. I don’t care; you’re angry, and you don’t know me well enough to judge me. She might not get a new Zandao, by the way. It wouldn’t have come to this if she hadn’t acted differently that night. Perhaps a reconciliation is still possible.

SHAHNAZ saw this and thought the quarrel wouldn’t end. Her father continued to scold her mother, settling his scores before accepting the money she offered. He then went outside.

Similarly, Shahnaz’s father confronted her mother, giving her a piece of his mind before taking the five hundred.

I watched him go inside. May peace be upon him. My father is returning, and I need to look presentable. Since I sent him some seeds, things have been better. That’s why I cherish him even more. He served me a hearty meal, including pineapple, saying, ‘I’m so pleased with the warmth in my heart.’

I responded with a smile, helping him with his clothes. As I unpacked them, a sudden commotion caught our attention, and we both stood up to investigate.

Saida arrived at the house, and some young children saw her, singing a song in her honor.”

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