SAKACI Complete Document Written By Zuwairat Ummu Maryam


It’s a garden that exudes an air of exclusivity, inaccessible to those outside the upper echelons of society. The wafting fragrance of expensive perfumes serves as a testament to the caliber of the residents, while the pristine dark green grass and pristine white royal seats glisten with an air of unattainable elegance. A gathering of ten young men, each with a unique charm, fills the space with laughter and banter. The group radiates an aura of affluence, as evidenced by their easy camaraderie and the light crimson cups in their hands.

They’re currently lounging at “Mai Martaba,” a joint specifically built for the enjoyment of the Sarki family’s younger members and their friends. Among them is Aliyu, known as Hydar, the youngest son of a royal family in a prominent northern state. The jovial conversation is interrupted when one of the boys, engrossed in his iPhone 11 Pro, reacts to something on the screen. Aliyu’s attention is suddenly diverted, and the group’s curiosity is piqued.

“Prince, what is that?!” Mahboob asks, his voice laced with astonishment. Aliyu, known as the prince, finally returns to the present and meets Mahboob’s gaze. His sharp, enigmatic eyes seem to betray a complex mix of emotions. The group gathers around, eager to catch a glimpse of what has startled their friend.

Their curiosity is quickly replaced with shock and disbelief as a revealing image appears on Aliyu’s screen. Despite the explicit content, the group is surprisingly restrained, their voices hushed as they process the unexpected sight. The prince’s reaction remains inscrutable, as he remains silent, displaying an enigmatic smile that belies his internal turmoil.

His striking features, including his piercing eyes and smooth, dark complexion, remain composed even in the face of obvious distress. Although he doesn’t voice his thoughts, his reticence is characteristic of his usual demeanor. Known for his reserved nature and quiet disposition, Aliyu exudes an air of maturity that surpasses his age, commanding respect and reverence from those around him.

As the group settles back into their conversation, the atmosphere remains tense, with the unspoken tension reverberating among them. Aliyu’s friends are well acquainted with his temper and avoid unnecessary conflicts, understanding the potential consequences of provoking his anger. The meeting continues, but Hydar remains withdrawn, his mind seemingly preoccupied elsewhere, oblivious to the surrounding commotion.

Mahboob, Aliyu’s cousin, shares a familial bond with him, as Aliyu’s father holds a prominent position as the king, and Mahboob’s father is the king’s younger brother. A sudden interruption from Hajiya breaks the silence, calling out for Khalifa, prompting a shift in the group’s focus. “Khalifa, where are you?” she asks, her voice carrying a note of urgency.

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