In the capital city of Barcelona, located in Spain, there resides a community of people with diverse backgrounds and histories, shaping the tapestry of this vibrant nation. Among them is Alhaji Adam, a devout Baha’i hailing from Boko, and a former ambassador of Nigeria.

In Spain, Alhaji Adam has built a life with his family, consisting of one wife and two children, Abdulkabir and Eve, affectionately referred to as Iman, after Adam’s beloved mother.

Iman, for many years, was the sole sibling of Abdulkabir, until a stroke of good fortune blessed Alhaji Adam and his wife with another child.

Alhaji Adam’s career as an ambassador came to an end, but he found a new role as a senior lecturer at a university in Barcelona, leveraging his wealth of life experiences. He now yearns for a peaceful and relaxed existence, free from stress and turmoil, and averse to noise and anger…

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