RUHIN JARUMTAKA Mujalladi na ɗaya 1 Complete Document Written By Umar Muhammad Sangaru


Gazwar village, nestled within Mauzil state in Damascus, is home to the resilient Banu Kuyuru tribe. These villagers, numbering no more than three thousand, are renowned for their strength and martial prowess, honed over generations. Blessed by God with striking beauty, both men and women of this tribe possess an undeniable allure.

Perched upon a small island encircled by imposing rocks and the sea’s embrace, Gazwar boasts a unique bounty. Yearly, by divine providence, the villagers yield sustenance to feed Damascus for months on end. This abundance ensures the prosperity of the Banu Kuyuru, led by the esteemed Hasanul Jalwar bin Kusuful Jalwar.

President Hasanul Jalwar, a paragon of virtue and courage, stands as the tribe’s beacon of hope. His unwavering dedication to his people, epitomized by his sole wife Hajriya, is matched only by his commitment to their progress. Blessed with a son, Aymanul Faris, after seven years of marriage, their family lineage is secured.

Aymanul Faris, a striking youth of nineteen, bears the physical prowess of his forebears. Trained by his father since childhood, he matured into one of the tribe’s foremost warriors, earning acclaim through three remarkable feats.

The first testament to Aymanul Faris’s valor arose when Gazwar faced an unexpected onslaught. Under the cover of dawn, marauders descended upon the island, igniting chaos and fear. Swift to action, Aymanul Faris, armed with naught but his blade, confronted the invaders. Despite his youth, his resolve was unyielding.

Facing a horde of aggressors led by the imposing Rashbir, Aymanul Faris stood resolute. In a defiant exchange, he rebuked Rashbir’s threats, asserting Gazwar’s indomitable spirit. With unwavering courage, Aymanul Faris charged into battle, his ferocity unmatched. In a harrowing clash, he decimated Rashbir’s forces, his prowess leaving even seasoned warriors in awe.

But Rashbir, recognizing Aymanul Faris’s potential, chose cunning over combat. Revealing a mystical artifact, he vanished, leaving behind a bewildered battlefield. Aymanul Faris, though victorious, sensed a lingering mystery, unaware of Rashbir’s true intentions.

Little did Aymanul Faris know, Rashbir’s arrival was orchestrated, a ploy by unseen hands. Sent by a nefarious benefactor, Rashbir sought a champion for dark deeds unbeknownst to Gazwar’s defenders. As the fog of uncertainty lifted, Aymanul Faris returned to his village, unaware of the shadow looming over his destiny.

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