RUHI BIYU Complete Document Written By Fatima Rabiu and kanwar Soja



As soon as Aminullah arrived at her place, Mommy noticed that his back was covered and he had become unconscious. She patted his body while Innee prayed, saying, “Oh dear, why did you find her? Come back.” Aminullah, filled with worry, urged Mommy and Daddy to quickly go outside and get the car so they could take him to the hospital. However, when they reached the hospital where Aminullah worked, they were greeted swiftly. It was Aminullah who emerged from the room where she had been sleeping. Mommy approached him and asked, “How did Aminullah wake up?” “I woke up,” Aminullah replied.

In the room where Samira had been resting, she suddenly turned around as if about to wake up. She opened her eyes and a light shone in them. Samira started to fully awaken, her heart beating rapidly. She swiftly got out of bed, removed the covers, and began walking slowly. It was still light outside, and she returned to the window. I felt relieved, but I followed behind her, quickly making sure no one else was around. Then, someone softly called her name, ‘Samira, Samira.’ With a kind of unpleasant voice, she quickly covered her ears and averted her gaze. A disappointed laugh escaped her, and she rapidly opened her eyes wide. Her actions seemed to imply a withdrawal, as if she was releasing a breath held in her chest. She then wrapped a towel around her, given to her by a woman with long hair. This girl, whom she often saw wearing white clothes, was crying alongside others who wept tears that appeared black and tasted like blood. They cried out with a smoke-like sound, as if boiling blood was pouring out of their mouths. Their bodies were white, but there were some kind of marks on their hands. She pleaded, “Get out of here, get out of this house! Get out, I’m sorry.” Her voice had a shrill tone that caused Adam’s son to faint. As she approached Samira, she said, “Get out of this house!” Then, she made a loud noise and fell unconscious. Mommy quickly rushed over, and they all heard Samira’s voice before quickly heading to the living room, where they found her lying unconscious on the floor. Daddy immediately embraced Iliham Kaka, thoroughly assessing the situation. Aminullah provided even more assistance. “We have to leave this house, Mommy, Son of God, let’s get out of here,” Mommy urgently exclaimed. She hugged Samira tightly and reassured her, saying, “Shhh, be calm. Fear is the only thing that has entered your body, but there is nothing here. We are not at home.” Samira continued to tell them more.

After they returned home, Aminullah and his wife entered the house with a man. Once they were seated, Samira clung to Mommy Innee’s body and gazed at the people around her. Aminullah then said, “Grandma, this house is not safe. Someone claims they will work here and provide assistance.” Grandpa asked if he viewed this person as a sorcerer, as though they were not a human. He shook his head and replied, “I don’t believe this man.” Then, the man looked directly at Samira and said, “It’s a good thing I’m here to help this family member. There are two souls within her, those of the daughter and the mother. This is not ordinary. There are other things at play. I have been observing this house for the past few years, and there are chains…” Before the man could finish, Grandpa interrupted him, pointing and saying, “You can leave the house. We don’t need you.” The people inside the house turned their backs on him, and he departed, stating, “You will come looking for me when the time comes.”

Even when Sa’adha woke up, she saw the other woman named Sameer smiling at her. Sa’adha quickly sat up, rubbing her head and recalling what had happened. She immediately looked at Sameer and exclaimed, “The woman I saw in the hotel where I stayed, the one who held me and cried, her arms were long and she reached out to me, asking for help to avenge her.” Ida, feeling fearful, chuckled. Sameer turned her face away and said something, seemingly annoyed. He hurriedly moved to her side and said, “Oh, Sa’adha, what you saw since you arrived here is just a misunderstanding.” He stood up and added, “Come out, listen to some music. I’ll be waiting for you while you take a bath.” Wajan was a girl who spent a lot of money on bathing and could attract boys with water. All the women Sa’adha saw were from the other world, except for Bira and Bireziya. One of them was called Zubaida, nicknamed Zuby. She emerged from rest and sat next to one of her boyfriends, who stared into the depths of the tent. He held a camera and took pictures while she rested.

After Sa’adha finished bathing, she emerged from the water and settled into one of the chairs. When she turned around, Zuby’s boyfriend noticed Sa’adha and exclaimed, “Wow, what a beautiful woman!” He quickly moved towards her, attempting to kiss her. Sameer, who was near Sa’adha, noticed this and displayed anger and jealousy. “Man, back off. That’s not your style,” Sameer quickly said. The young man responded in front of him and stepped back, trying to assure Sameer, saying, “I backed off, see?” Looking away, he added, “You’re better off without him.” Once he was finished, he swiftly went to Sa’adha’s house. As he approached her, he spoke in a troubled manner, saying, “You are tempting fate by engaging in such nonsense. I really shouldn’t have allowed it.”

Later that night, Sa’adha was sitting in her room, reading a book. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew open the open windows, causing them to rapidly open and close. Sa’adha stood up to close the door and noticed Sameer standing next to the running water. She glanced out the window and saw that the water had turned into blood. She called out Sameer’s name and looked back at him. Then, she softly screamed as Sameer’s tears touched her face. She fell into the water, and Sa’adha quickly reached out her hand to rescue her. Sameer fell from the top floor, and Sa’adha pulled her inside as the window closed. Tae’s heart stopped beating, and she pointed her finger at him, about to accuse him, but he quickly supported her…

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