RIJIYA GABA DUBU Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


A young man ran as fast as he could through the forest, desperately trying to save his life. He glanced back in fear, but there was nothing to see except for the sound of barking dogs following him.

These were no ordinary dogs; they were fierce and terrifying creatures trained to guard the big prison in the city of Kisra. The man running for his life was Imhal Ibn Imzanu, who had managed to escape the prison’s grasp, and now the trained dogs were hot on his trail.

Imhal’s speed gave him some distance from the pursuing dogs, but their tenacity and ferocity meant they quickly closed the gap. He sprinted through the dense forest, leaping over rocks and fallen trees, all while fearing for his life.

Imhal’s background was unique; he grew up in the forest, raised by his father, a herdsman. One day, as a young man, he discovered a woman’s body being dumped into a deep hole by mysterious people. Overwhelmed by compassion, he rescued her and nursed her back to health, despite her strange behavior.

As days passed, the woman gave birth to a child, and Imhal took care of both of them as his own family. But after some time, the woman disappeared, leaving Imhal and the child in a state of confusion and sadness.

One day, after a long search, Imhal finally found the woman again, and they were tearfully reunited. She apologized for her absence and explained that she had been away for four years. Despite not knowing each other’s names or origins, they embraced and found solace in their reunion.

From that moment on, Imhal, the woman, and their child lived together, embracing an uncertain future but finding comfort in the bond they had formed in the depths of the forest.

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